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Euro Jackpot: Current winning numbers of 29 April – ABC Online

Updated Friday, 04.29.2016, 21:21
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The Euro Jackpot -Gewinnzahlen April 29 are drawn. After last week a Tipper managed to hit the jackpot, the prize money is now at 10 million euros. . The winning numbers, find out at FOCUS Online

Last week it has a Tipper managed from the Münsterland winning numbers 5 – 28-31 – 33 – 49 and both Euro figures 1-2 correct typing and the euro jackpot. 29 million euros will thus by North Rhine-Westphalia. The euro jackpot now stands at 10 million euros.

Current winning numbers from Friday, April 29

5 of 50: 10 – 14 – 20 – 24 – 40

2 of 10: 2 – 10

(no responsibility source: – as of April 29.)

So far, the highest Euro jackpot win: Czech sweeps 90 million a

the highest ever Euro jackpot win could only reap a Czech in May 2015 when he won exactly 90 million euros , The previous highest German Euro jackpot win dates back to December 2014. At the time, went to a EUR 58.7 million Tipper from Hessen.

You can play along in any lottery office and

Five out of 50 and two from ten figures

Unlike the German tradition game 6 from 49 Lotto can the Euro jackpot players 16 countries play. In order to hit the jackpot, need to are typed correctly 5 out of 50 and 2 of 10 numbers . The statistical probability to create this loud WestLotto is 1 to 95 million – for second income class around 1 to 6 million The. record profit for a German Tipper is so far 58.7 million euros (December, 2014; Hesse)

Euro jackpot is a relatively new lottery and promises warm Euro rain: ten million every week, even a maximum of 90 million . 16 European countries , including Germany offer a lottery replacement at, which offers significantly higher chances of winning a guaranteed weekly prize of ten million euros and a jackpot of 90 million – twice as much as the highest payout of “6 out of 49″.

The winner will receive a maximum of 90 million euros

The player crosses per field five of 50 numbers and two from ten figures on, for a total of seven numbers . A game costs two euros, plus handling fee. Who has all seven numbers correctly, it can be assumed the grand prize. In twelve prize categories but fall to more smaller gains than in the eight classic Lotto.

The drawings of lottery numbers every Friday in Finland instead and be broadcast live on television. The live-tracking the Euro Jackpot draw is unfortunately not possible. Neither TV can still find on the Internet streaming of the draw instead.

To ensure that all players and players can control themselves that in the draw everything as usual and legitimate transition takes, will be released a short video of the Euro jackpot draw shortly after the draw. The drawing can be viewed in retrospect at “Youtube”. In Helsinki every Friday will be drawn the numbers luckily at 19 pm local time. Taking into account the time zone the Euro Jackpot Drawings therefore takes place at 21 o’clock German time.

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