Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mega-merger of China’s train manufacturers CNR and CSR want to conquer the world market – NEWS

Mega-merger of China's train manufacturers CNR and CSR want to conquer the world market – NEWS


 Wednesday, December 31, 2014


 The railway business in China dominate the two manufacturers CNR and CSR. Now merge the companies. Together they can on the world market companies such as Siemens and Bombardier defy.



The two largest Chinese train manufacturers have teamed up to compete on the world market against rivals such as Siemens and Bombardier. The mega-merger between China CNR and CSR was announced on the night.

Its shares rose prelude to trading in Hong Kong steeply. Both had last market value of the equivalent of around 21 billion euros.

The merger was to “create a new cross-border and global leader in high-quality web design”, quotes the Xinhua News Agency made an announcement on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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In the exploration of the world market so you should also “grave wars” between the two manufacturers of high-speed trains are avoided.

The Chinese National rail industry was only in 2000 divided into the two manufacturers to promote competition. Both are listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong in the stock market and join now together through a share swap.

In addition to the high-speed train both produce 80 percent of freight trains and most subways China.



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