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Before elections – Worried Greeks get 2.5 billion euros from the account – Sü

Before elections – Worried Greeks get 2.5 billion euros from the account – Sü

  • In December Greeks have raised 2.5 billion euros of accounts. They are concerned about the economic and political situation in their country.
  • On January 25 will be elected in Greece. The alliance of the link parties is according to polls in the lead.

Greeks raise 2.5 billion euros in December from

For fear of political and economic turmoil in December many savers and companies a total of 2.5 billion euros in Greece brought from their bank accounts.

This is unusual and only can be explained by the fact that the citizens are very worried, given the early elections on January 25, reported the conservative Athens newspaper Kathimerini on Wednesday. A mini-capital flight started in November with 200 million euros minus, it said. A run on the banks be it according to estimates by experts not unique. However, the development show the concerns of citizens, it said in the report.

On Monday, the director of a bank branch had said in the Athens suburb of Peristeri Deutsche Presse-Agentur, you’ll go very carefully, especially at ATMs ago : This by no means a “bank run”, ie a stampede is on the banks triggered, the Institute made sure that all the devices are sufficiently stocked with money

Left Party alliance is according to polls in the lead. ” / h3>

The election of a new Greek President had failed on Monday in the third run, which is why elections are necessary. Recent surveys in Greece show a projection of the Left Party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) Alexis Tsipras. This aims to renegotiation of the Greek consolidation program and a haircut on.

IMF puts emergency loans for Athens to form a government of

In response, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) continued its emergency loans for Greece to the formation of a new government. The next loan tranche could be paid only if, if, after the planned January elections, a new government was formed, said the IMF.

The negotiations on the next tranche of emergency loans leads the IMF together with representatives of the EU -Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB). He added that Greece had no “direct” financing needs.


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