Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend in the sign of the train drivers strike –

Weekend in the sign of the train drivers strike –

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Date: 17/10/2014 16:24 clock

Because of the strike by train drivers travelers should expect delays today. As in the previous strike, the railway has set up a replacement schedule. Be it again to get a third of the long-distance transport upright and give the customer some planning security objective. For this working before the strike began staff and trains are already used differently.

Meanwhile, put the path of the train drivers’ union GDL before a new tariff offer. It provides for a wage increase in three steps by a total of five percent and a term of 30 months. It also includes a one-time payment of around 325 euros. “We want to talk about all topics, not only on tariff conditions of the engine-driver, but also on the conditions for train with the GDL,” said announcer Achim Stauss. It should in the company but given no tariff competition.

At the same time he called on the union to return to the negotiating table. “We have invited the GDL to collective bargaining on this Sunday,” added Stauss. The GDL did not comment yet on the offer

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The company pointed out that the strike meet in passenger one of the busiest weekends of the year. In eleven states end or begin autumn holidays. Even on normal Sundays lies the utilization of trains 30 percent higher than on other days.

effect until Monday

Since the Afternoon stand still the freight trains. The train driver then want to expand on Saturday to start operating at 2.00 clock on all passenger trains, including the S-Bahn strike. The strike will last until Monday at 4.00 clock. Thus it would also have an impact on commuter traffic on Monday.


affected by the strike, according to the Deutsche Bahn also all special trains to the football games on the weekend. The arrival and departure of the fans to the stadiums can not be guaranteed. The train passengers asked her to inform on their website about the current state and the replacement timetables

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“GDL runs amok”

The fifth strike action is the longest in this bargaining round. The conflict of the German train drivers union with the state-owned company escalated so ever. “The GDL runs amok,” said the web. “Without Need” millions of people would spoiled the holiday, “just because of lust for power”. The passenger association Pro Bahn threw the GDL intransigence before.

Weselsky defended GDL position

GDL chief Claus Weselsky declared the strike was necessary because the web was still not ready to go into substantive negotiations with the GDL for the entire train crew. This is about overtime limit, better shift schedules and five percent more income.

The GDL requires not only five percent wage increase and a shortening of the working week. You will also enforce that they will not only train drivers represents, but also professionals such as train conductors. For these previously competing Railway and Transport union (ECG) has negotiated collective agreements.

Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt demanded a quick return to the negotiating table. “The parties should quickly resume talks, because solutions exist only at the negotiating table,” the CSU politician who said “Passau Neue Presse”. He warned that consequences for third parties should be kept low

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