Friday, October 10, 2014

GT wants to cancel contracts with Apple – Frankfurter Rundschau

GT wants to cancel contracts with Apple – Frankfurter Rundschau

10 October 2014

GT should produce the sapphire glass for the displays of Apple devices – such as for the iWatch. Photo: REUTERS

The Apple supplier GT allows a bankruptcy court to check the cancellation of contracts with Apple. Supposedly the insolvent company had collected several starting points for lawsuits against Apple.

The Apple -supplier GT Advanced Technologies has asked a bankruptcy court, 13 contracts with the iPhone – and iPad manufacturer to void. Among them was also the confidentiality agreement that prevents the disclosure of additional information about the case, it said in filed documents on Friday. GT also announced the elimination of 890 positions and the closure of its factory for Apple co-financed by sapphire glass in the state of Arizona. We assume to have multiple starting points for lawsuits against Apple, it said in court documents further. The goal of GT is it now, to refocus on its core business, the construction of sapphire furnaces.

GT had surprisingly filed for bankruptcy on Monday. For background, the company has so far not expressed having regard to confidentiality agreements with Apple in court, which is unusual. Actually GT should make headquartered in the state of New Hampshire scratch-resistant sapphire glass for Apple products in the new plant. Apple has expressed surprise about the bankruptcy. Experts speculate that the tough policies of Californians might have against the suppliers played a role. (Rtr)


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