Saturday, October 11, 2014

Etihad may not use flights of Air Berlin –

Etihad may not use flights of Air Berlin –

The German Aviation Authority has rejected a newspaper report that the Arab airline Etihad agreements on the sharing of flights with Air Berlin. With the winter timetable Etihad must give up 34 so-called code-share flights with Air Berlin under the same flight number, reported the “Handelsblatt”, referring to corporate and government circles. The Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) have communicated this to the Arabs mid-week in a letter.

The code-share agreement is an important cornerstone for the business of Air Berlin. For by the airline increased its capacity utilization. Etihad can be reversed by this agreement to offer its customers more goals.

Air Berlin will not give up

The According to newspaper report, Air Berlin will not even throw in the towel. The airline put on their right of appeal, which applied four weeks, reported the Journal. It quoted an Air Berlin spokesman with the words. “There are still discussions»

Air Berlin will offer these connections even further, the newspaper reported. Etihad, which had also occupied with its own flight number these flights and thus marketed as a separate network, but they might not be approved. You are not covered by the Air Transport Agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Germany, the newspaper reported, citing the Ministry of Transport. Alone in the important for Air Berlin hub in Berlin were more than 20 compounds affected other European countries

(reuters / dbe / ama)

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