Friday, October 10, 2014

Oliver Samwer: “Are you coming with a dream – end up at McKinsey” – THE WORLD

Oliver Samwer: "Are you coming with a dream – end up at McKinsey" – THE WORLD

The internet entrepreneur Oliver Samwer has called on the shareholders of the online consignor Zalando patience. Despite the disappointing performance of the newly listed company will be successful in the long run. “Zalando is a milestone for the German Internet history.’s Management thinks very long term,” Samwer said the “world” on the edge of a Congress for the business students in Vallendar near Koblenz.

The share of the Berlin shoe and fashion house was on Friday afternoon with just under 18 euros almost a fifth below the issue price from 1 October. Similarly, weakly developed, the shares of Rocket Internet, the shortly previous to the stock exchange company forging the three brothers Oliver, Marc and Alexander Samwer.

10.09.2014 00:00:00 + 4.39% € 17.85

  09.10.2014 00:00:00 € 34.50 (+ 4.51%)


where the stock was to be had on Friday for a good 35 euros, while first-time buyers had to lie down 42.50 euros. Purely mathematical terms, the early stock buyers have already lost by the weak rates a three-digit million amount.

The Zalando brothers have a most successful serial entrepreneur in Germany in recent years made names. According to the latest rich rankings, the two IPOs have the trio with an estimated fortune of three to 3.5 billion euros upwards flushed last faster than any other German.

In the Zalando Samwers were entered in 2008 and acted as godfathers of the construction of an international company. Currently, they are still involved to 17 percent

Warning of McKinsey & amp. Co.

Oliver Samwer, who is regarded as strategic head of the entrepreneur brothers, contributed hundreds young women and men in a crowded auditorium at the Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar near Koblenz his vision of the path to true entrepreneur and explained what to do for it -., and what you should be better

Too many internships and great jobs with high starting salaries for consultants, banks and corporations are a trap. “You come with a dream, and then you end up in Neverland – at McKinsey, JP Morgan and Deutsche Telekom”, Samwer told students

“. Too many people think they should do something for their resume, “Samwer said. “You must rid yourselves of it,” the 42-year-old entrepreneur called elite students to, casually dressed and in the open light blue shirt on stage back and forth wandering and a few notes posing on a flip chart: “Be yourself Your courage will fall with. each month, you work at McKinsey. “

Several speakers at the” IdeaLab “baptized meeting complained lack of entrepreneurship in Germany. In contrast, the United States or in China, many young people started their first company before the College. Although this country is the awareness of the opportunities there, but often lack the courage to seize it.

This is like the difference between waking and rising. “You just wake up,” said the Samwer students. “You listen to lectures, but you have to go out. Least six months before you finish the university, you have to start.”

Cheap times for new companies on the Internet

Samwer has exemplified that. As the son of a wealthy Cologne Jurists and entrepreneurial family in 1996 – by the way, after studying at the Management School in Vallendar -.’s First trainee position at the now defunct as an independent company Cologne-based private bank Sal Oppenheim took, he had his first company already founded. Ego International did produce slippers in Bolivia and sold them on the South American market.

The times are still low for founders to Samwer were convinced. On the Internet, the cake will now distributed, yet there especially in the emerging markets a lot of leeway. Rocket Internet rely on businesses in over 100 countries and numerous sectors. Fashion, electronics, home decor, taxis

With his method, copy, good business ideas she professionally implement and make great and then often quickly get out again from the shops, Rocket Internet has created critics on the plan. Even Oliver Samwers management methods sometimes described as rude were recently hit the headlines.

The young manager in forging Vallendar discomfited not apparently. Some listeners asked Samwer for simplicity immediately after his phone number – he wanted to not move out yet. But he was by mail always be achieved, promising the prospective founder icon.

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