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Train drivers on strike on Wednesday to 14 clock for 14 hours – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Train drivers on strike on Wednesday to 14 clock for 14 hours – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



                          On Wednesday are from 14 clock again shut the trains.


At Deutsche Bahn train drivers come this Wednesday at 14 clock again nationwide in the strike. The German train drivers union (GDL) called on them for 14 hours low-work and thus for the first time paralyze even the rush hour traffic in Germany. At 4 Clock on Thursday the walkout to be terminated. According to experience, but also significant limitations are then possible. Affected the long-distance and regional services, as well as commuter trains and the freight.


The German railway refused substantive collective bargaining with the GDL, criticized the president Claus Weselsky – an accusation that the train had rejected until Tuesday. “The German railway requires of us actually that will keep your feet still, until we be abolished by law”, Weselsky said. Compared with the Hessischer Rundfunk Weselsky spoke of an “incredible arrogance” of the web that have not moved since the recent strike.


“negotiating instead strike”

The German railway dismissed the allegation that she did not negotiate content with the train drivers, but again back and criticized the recent projects of the GDL on the other hand as completely incomprehensible. The strike will bring both sides in the matter no further, the company said. “The GDL should negotiate rather than strike.”



The company also announced that on Wednesday starting at midnight applies a replacement schedule. With this limited schedule as many travelers as possible should be brought more to the goal, the company said. Travelers could obtain valid on Wednesday trains on the website of the web over the normal timetable. However, where the strike itself leads to cancellations and delays, know the track until the strike began at 14 clock, said a railway spokesman.


It was not until the night of Wednesday last week a nine-hour strike had paralyzed rail traffic and even during the day yet led to numerous delays and outages. After GDL data here fell from 90 percent of the trains or drove very late from. Tens of thousands of travelers had to reschedule.


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The GDL calls for five percent more money and a two-hour shorter working week. You will also negotiate for train, board caterers and planners that coordinate in the control centers and trains staff. Because so far failed negotiations. The strike on Wednesday will be the fourth walkout in the months since simmering conflict.


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drivers on strike on Wednesday to 14 clock for 14 hours

The nearest railway strike

train drivers strike Wednesday from 14 clock for 14 hours


The locomotive engineer will on Wednesday 14 clock in 14 hours nationwide strike. The union GDL raises the Deutsche Bahn “incredible arrogance” and is demanding higher wages and shorter working hours.

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