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Head of the Week: Markus Mosa: The super store manager – THE WORLD

Head of the Week: Markus Mosa: The super store manager – THE WORLD

Geek, this Markus Mosa. Just like an exclamation point is the Edeka-chief at the lectern in the Frankfurt Alte Oper in front of thousands of top decision-makers from companies, agencies and media. High end under full, curly hair. Black suit, black tie, black glasses frame, white shirt – a kind of mix of Steve Jobs’ Existenzialistenkluft and head waiter dress. He says things like “I will praise you in the group carry on” and “The laurels of today are the compost of tomorrow.” He is currently named “Manager of the Year” in the category Marketing. More sobriety is hardly.

But Markus Mosa is also the man who waved Edekas wacky stoner spot. Two pretty tipsy teenagers buy “chocolate cookies, fully favorable”, “brick oven pizza, crass” and other food, of course in the Edeka supermarket. “Bag?” Asks the saleswoman at the checkout, and the two hardly get a laughter. “Bag” is the stoner slang for joint. “Bon?” The saleswoman asked then, and since the two are flat. “Bon” sounding like “Bong”, a type of water pipe.

Mosa won the game with taboos in advertising, the fine line between outrage, astonishment and loud laugh out loud , elevated to art. So it was with the weird “Super Horny” spot, in which the bearded, plump artist Peaceful Liechtenstein tilts lactose free UHT milk from Edeka in the tub. Over twelve million times the movies has now been clicked on youtube. A legend.

There is no doubt that Mosa stands fully behind the mesh. “Marketing is a top priority at Edeka”, a member of the award ceremony, at the Alte Oper, who organized “horizon” the advertising trade journal. “Every action, every national Flyers, each print campaign, every motive, every commercial spot goes across the table from Mr. Mosa.” Since others can only watch enviously. No one manages the social media so consistently to exploit as Edeka Chef -. Yet not so uncool, how he does it

The man is on the one side boss of Germany’s biggest grocer who wants to become even bigger with the planned acquisition of Kaiser’s Tengelmann now. On the other side of the business graduate is not really a boss, you follow his self-presentation. Mosa is not tired of emphasizing that the 4000 independent Edeka merchants were the stars of the company. You know best what the customer wanted. “Edeka is not a one-man show,” insists Mosa, but “complete works” – an extremely complicated to

Behind the largest grocery chain, a construction. , which could be described as anachronistic, they would not be so successful: Mosa is the Hamburger Edeka Zentrale AG & amp; Co. KG ago, which belongs in turn nine regional Edeka cooperatives. Comrades – and hence actually speak again Mosas bosses – are the independent merchants. Comrade includes half of the seven regional wholesale operations, bring the day hundreds of trucks with food to the shops on the way. The other half is in turn owned by the Hamburg headquarters, the same also holds the majority stake in the discounter Netto.

That it rarely without conflict going on in such a structure, it is understood . Some observers consider the head of the wholesale companies as the actual perpetrators, as “regional leaders”. A merging of the supply regions they had successfully prevented some time ago. Others want to know the chagrin of some Edeka merchants on the net expansion, which they regarded as in-house competition. The union Verdi criticized the Edeka principle of the merchants as a kind of false self-employment.

However, discord rarely penetrates to the outside. The art of tightrope walk that Mosa has become the leaders in marketing, he also dominates the internal balance of interests. Because of standing at the Edeka tip for six years Rhinelander never try to stand, he is now regarded as an ideal choice for the delicate job, although he lacked the Edeka Stallgeruch: His career path led on the 2005 purchased discounter Netto. That Mosa itself is modest, may be due to internal diplomacy to balance the various interests. Because as head of the Edeka Center, he is responsible for the strategic development of the composite, the national goods business, private label, quality assurance and – also -. Commercials


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