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VW CEO Winterkorn shall first details for Rosskur open –

VW CEO Winterkorn shall first details for Rosskur open –

Less contract workers, fewer models, fewer optional extras: VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has details disclosed how he wants to cut costs by five billion euros. U.S. market makes Winterkorn practically a top priority. The council shall, in its its own saving program for VW before

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Wolfsburg – The Effizienzprogamm, with which it wants to reduce costs by five billion euros, may be jobs . costs “We have over the productivity of core competitors still need to catch up,” says VW boss Martin Winterkorn said in an interview with SPIEGEL. The Wolfsburg-based carmaker will indeed “reduce no permanent staff.” But “maybe we’ll use fewer temporary workers”, said Winterkorn. manager magazin had reported in August in detail about the planned Rosskur at Volkswagen.

Savings wants the VW boss also in that it reduces the complexity. So he wants to reduce the number of model variants. “It is not every model get a successor,” Winterkorn said in an interview with SPIEGEL. “Our Volkswagen Eos Convertible is seriously put to the test”. Even with the extras that diversity should be limited. Volkswagen will offer no more extras which are installed in less than five percent of the cars.

In the future, the VW group no longer wants to produce as many parts themselves. “We must consider whether we usefully apply some parts from suppliers, such as brake discs,” Winterkorn said. It will but in the Brunswick plant, where the rotors are manufactured, “another technically innovative product manufacture.”

Winterkorn makes US business practically a top priority

Winterkorn admitted in the interview with Der Spiegel also failures in the United States. You have the built in the United States US-Passat “not maintained enough”, said Winterkorn. The competent manager would “have to jump on my desk” and have to say, the US-Passat must be upgraded. However, this did not happen. Therefore, VW now have a new management team in the United States. . “Also, my personal focus is again more focused on the United States,” said Winterkorn

Too much time to turn things around in the United States, Winterkorn is not – unless the contract of the VW-foreman is once again renewed. The Treaty of 67jährigen VW boss runs until the end of 2016, “I would be 69, really old enough to quit,” said Winterkorn

Works chief Osterloh. “Wearing the efficiency program in the core However, with “

The VW works council, the billion-dollar savings program will not be dictated by the Board. Volkswagen works council head Bernd Osterloh has the VW boss at the recent council meeting before the eyes of approximately 15,000 employees handed a folder with 400 pages where the VW employees have even written down, as the structures and processes can be improved in the group. ‘ / p>

“The best consultants in the company are the employees and the management,” Osterloh said with a sideswipe at the controversial use of the consulting firm McKinsey at VW. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported at the weekend over Osterloh advance.

Staff and council criticized in the paper including the “proliferation” of models. Even the “expensive parallel development of individual brands” will prevent loud “FAZ” the works. An important element is also a better product planning on the US-market: The model policy in the United States was loud Osterloh a “disaster event” been

As Winterkorn Osterloh does not speak of an “austerity program”, but always from a “efficiency program”. Nevertheless, the council boss admits that much at Volkswagen must be corrected and improved “. The efficiency program is sponsored jointly in the core in detail, we will fight,” Osterloh said. However, in the workforce was not to save after the council believes: “We make no sacrifices,” Osterloh said

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