Tuesday, March 1, 2016

“Forbes” list: Zuckerberg is the biggest winner of the super-rich – Times Online

In the published on Tuesday billionaire ranking of the US magazine Forbes Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg the biggest winner. According to estimates of Forbes Zuckerberg’s assets increased year on year by 11.2 to $ 44.6 billion now – so he improved by ten places.

Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is one of this year to the fliers. His wealth increased by 10.4 to 45.2 billion, which gave him a jump from 15th place to fifth Bezos and Zuckerberg made it for the first time into the top ten.

The richest empires remain, according to the list Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. His fortune is estimated at 75 billion dollars. Thus, it shrank namely by 4.2 billion dollars. Still, it is enough to maintain the top spot in the list, which he led in 17 of the past 22 years.

In second place, the Spanish Zara fashion entrepreneur Amancio Ortega pushed before. He increased his fortune to 2.5 to 67 billion dollars. They are followed with 60.8 and 50 billion received US investor Warren Buffett and has slid two places Mexican telecom entrepreneur Carlos Slim. Both losing about significantly. With a drop of 27.1 billion Slim was the biggest loser among the super-rich, appreciates the magazine.

The ten richest people in the world:

1. Bill Gates (75 billion), Microsoft founder

2. Amancio Ortega (67 billion), head of the Zara fashion empire

3. Warren Buffett (60 , 8 billion dollars), American major investor and entrepreneur

4. Carlos Slim (50 billion), Mexican operators in the telecommunications industry

5. Jeff Bezos (42,2 billion), Amazon CEO

6 Mark Zuckerberg (44,6 billion), founder of Facebook

7. Larry Ellison (43,6 billion), founder of the US software company Oracle

8. Michael Bloomberg (40 billion dollars), American entrepreneur and politician

9. Charles Koch (39,6 billion), head of the oil and chemical consortium Koch Industries

9. David Koch (39,6 billion), American entrepreneur and politician

the number of women in the ranking dropped to the previous year from 197 to 190 Since the brothers Charles and David Koch share. ninth place, there is among the top ten places no billionaire. In eleventh place is Liliane Bettencourt. The main shareholder in the cosmetics group L’Oréal is now the richest woman in the world.

Total counted the Forbes magazine 1,810 billionaires. The ability to bring it to the super rich together, shrank from 7.05 to 6.48 trillion dollars. There are 198 newcomers in the list. 70 new billionaires are from China. 32 American and 28 German were added. A total of 120 billionaires from Germany are listed, only the US and China have more.

The once a year in the print edition, but constantly on the Forbes -Onlineportal updated ranking is based on estimates of the editors of the magazine. These assets such as stocks, real estate, works of art and luxury goods such as yachts are evaluated. The figures do not claim to full accuracy, because most information comes from public sources.


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