Thursday, March 31, 2016

Premiere of Model 3: Tesla unveils his master plan – Tagesspiegel

Tesla subject Apple: On Thursday morning, shortly before ten, the snake is longer before the Apple store on the Ku’Damm. Some 50 people persevere, to attend the launch of the new iPhone SE here. Next door, in front of the Tesla flagship store, waiting only about 20. You want the first in the capital be, order the the latest model of the US electric car manufacturer – the Tesla Model 3.
“It’s like before the pirate ship Playmobil “says Hendrik Hendriks, a lawyer Charlottenburg. “I also wanted first.” 1000 euros he will put down later to stand on the customer list far above. He Like all prospective buyers the new Tesla, which is expected to cost around 31 000 euros ($ 35,000), not seen, let alone driven. And in two years, beginning in 2018, the electric car will be delivered in Germany – if everything goes well in the production.

At Tesla there is something really new, says a customer

Crazy? “No,” says Hendriks. “People are crazy over at Apple.” In Tesla really give something new to buy Innovative. A revolution takes place: The Model 3 is the first mass-market electric car, the size of an Audi A4, with a range of several hundred kilometers, at a reasonable price. But, says the traffic rights lawyer, was worth it, a few minutes to wait. If the i3 BMW, one can have fast, no alternative? Hendriks smiles. “For the same price I get for Tesla a real car.”
If the snake at Tesla this morning is also shorter than with Apple – there is at least one. This would be particularly the public relations department, which so wishes that the US carmaker may trigger the same hype as the iPhone group. A master of staging is Tesla CEO Elon Musk now. On Thursday evening, around 20:30 local time, was the self-made billionaire the mystery surrounding the Tesla 3 in Design Studio California ventilate, do “the last step of the secret master plan ” as Tesla announced. In Germany, there will already be Thursday. Tesla has invited to follow all live stream online at 5am 30th
What exactly gets to see the world public, was previously unclear. The final production version of the Model 3 is to be shown at a later date. Per Twitter let Musk the fan base but know that they get to see the car at the premiere “clear”

13 years without winning -. Now must Tesla deliver

the third Tesla is extremely important for the company, founded in 2003. Although many market observers Musk trust, with his middle-class Stromer BMW (i3) or VW attack (E-Golf), Tesla is taking a big risk. To date, the producers of 100 000 Euro-Model S sedan and the luxury SUV model X exclusively with premium offerings for thick wallet is on the way. The Tesla for the mass market expected to yield a much smaller margin – if Tesla ever makes money. This is urgently needed. Elon Musk has achieved in 13 years still no gain, but takes a high cost in buying. The risky plan to produce 500 000 per year vehicles by 2020, must be satisfied soon. 2015 ran 50 000. Tesla from tape. The expectations for the Model 3 are huge: The Swiss Credit Suisse calculated with 100 000. Pre.
“Tesla is a serious competitor for the German manufacturer,” says Cosimo De Carlo from consulting firm Altran. “The range of products has so far been limited, which has now changed.” Tesla talking to car buyers who wanted to be different from others and doubt are willing to pay more money. In addition, Tesla is like a start-up technology faster and more flexible. “The classic car manufacturers have recognized the danger – now comes to how fast they react,” says De Carlo. Tesla was significantly more than all who believed three years ago, says Ferdinand Dudenhöffer from Duisburg CAR Institute. “The sales of the Tesla 3 will be our estimation significantly better than the BMW i3, as the price-performance ratio speaks for the Tesla 3.”

“My parent driving the Model S”

In the queue
am Ku’Damm waiting on Thursday and Rupert DieSchwester. Champagne is served indoors now, appetizers can be served. The 27-year-old student wants to stay with the Model 3 in the family tradition. “My parents drive the Model S and Model X ordered the.” The budding industrial engineer hopes soon to find a job, which he can purchase the fund. “For me, it’s mainly the range of more than 300 kilometers,” he says. Next as Tesla, no electric car manufacturer is not yet come.


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