Thursday, March 31, 2016

Construction of the end of April to early May: German railway confirms complete … – Tagesspiegel

Train travelers have to adapt quickly to significant congestion on the major ICE route between Hanover and Kassel. German Rail will completely close the course due to construction from April 23 to May 8. Officially stopped the train the whole Thursday secret. Only late in the evening they confirmed the plans. In its electronic timetable information they had, however, already pointed to upcoming construction work on this route. “There will be significant travel time extensions and diversions. Please check your connection therefore again shortly before the trip,” it said early on. At times, the train had therefore adjusted the sale of tickets at a budget price. And also on their question and answer site on the web, the web had already referred to the full closure. They also check even if there could be another solution in the works, it was internal.

The route is one of the main north-south connections in the country. She had gone the first high-speed railway Deutsche Bahn in 1991 between Hanover and Würzburg in operation.

Traveler threaten diversions and extended travel times on a large scale. The track currently seeking solutions to the timetable. After Tagesspiegel information he should have been ready on 23 March. Still going but work on the finer points, said an insider. Accordingly, the ballast needs to be replaced at the high-speed line, in which so-called white spots have formed. They arise when the ballast stones rubbing against each other, which can occur at high speeds. Trains leave here pace 280th

Also adjacent concrete sleepers can be damaged by the “white spots”. For newer high-speed Plug – as between Berlin and Hanover – has the web so the tracks can be put on a so-called slab track in which the rails are mounted on a concrete slab.

Maybe diversions via Halle and Erfurt

Use the north-south route drive also ICE trains from Berlin to Frankfurt (Main) and Stuttgart. Passengers use the route even if they want Coming from Würzburg to Berlin. However, you must then change. The direct trains could be diverted via Halle and Erfurt .. This variant, the web was also chosen as 2013, the Berlin-Hannover was closed due to flood damage almost half a year. Whether the diverted trains then able to use the new line opened in December Halle-Erfurt what the running time is shortened by about 50 minutes, is unclear. Because there has been installed a new security system that can take this section only trains. That are technically equipped for it.

Affected by the closure also guests of the industrial fair Hannover Messe (April 25 to 29) who want to arrive from the direction of the south by train to Hannover.

Fahrgastverband expects hour long journey time

the passengers of the web are caught off guard by the announced road closures between Hanover and Kassel from the perspective of the passenger association Pro Bahn. Highway customers on the north-south route was facing a one hour longer travel time, Honorary President Karl-Peter Naumann said on Thursday the German press agency.

“Basically construction was announced on a Part,” Naumann said. “What we do not understand as customers Association that one measures en détail announced here very shortly.” That was not you used to in other construction projects.

German Railways announces more projects at

the train had announced until early February to increase the number of construction projects significantly this year. Are planned according to the company about 850 projects in the past year there were 500 of. ‘/ P>

In early February it was said, on the ICE route Hamburg-Hannover-Göttingen would from early May to September at two stages turnout and tracks renewed. From mid-July to this day about 100 long-distance trains are diverted, leading to a 40 minutes longer traveling time. It was of the new construction project, of which the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” now reported no talk yet.

A Rail Network Rehabilitation Programme of the government-owned company earlier reportedly includes € 28 billion for the years 2015-2019. a solid rail network is the basis for a reliable and punctual train service. 2015, however, one in four distance train reached its destination late. (with AP)


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