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Tesla Model 3: pictures, information, data: This is Tesla’s secret weapon – ABC Online

Updated Friday, 01.04.2016, 07:01 · FOCUS-Online Editor Sebastian Viehmann
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The need you create once as automakers: fans camp out around the world from the store to the new Tesla Model to order. 3 It comes only 2017. FOCUS Online shows the car, trembling with the Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Lincoln MKZ or Lexus IS now have a new competitor. Electric cars like the Chevrolet Volt and that. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has the Model 3 introduced in California in a mega event. Rarely, the world has been looking at a new electric car – because it should repeat the impressive success of the Americans in the important premium midsize segment and would the brand catapulted to new heights

Even now,. as Elon Musk at the world premiere, subject before 115,000 orders. The order books (online course) are open only for 24 hours. Each customer must put down $ 1,000 – which would mean that Tesla has once just an extra $ 115 million collected for the further development of the car. Such number of pre-orders, there was not even the Ford Mustang in the 60 car had a Jahren.Das to date – and to this day – triggered unprecedented media hype, but for more than 22,000 orders, it was not enough on the first day

Specification of Model 3

now the new sedan rolled onto the stage. The data:

  • The sedan is slightly higher than the built Model S. The nose is oriented optically rather the Model X as the Model S
  • The elegant rear and the. huge, almost seamlessly from the front to the rear continuous panoramic glass roof is a real show,
  • 0 to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds – and already in the base model. Other versions are significantly faster. Musk: “At Tesla we do not build slow cars”
  • By default, the autopilot function as hardware on board
  • There are again front and a rear boot – the battery in the underfloor.. makes it possible.
  • The Supercharger (rapid charging adapter) will also be on board as standard. The number of Supercharger wanted to double by the end of 2017 worldwide on 7200, promises Musk
  • extradition:. 2017 – Musk to self-deprecating: “I am very confident” – after the Model X was already been postponed several times.
  • inside there is again a large touch screen as in Model S and Model X, but this time in landscape orientation.

Tesla meets iPhone – the fan hype

As with an iPhone presentation was hooted and cheered at the world premiere. Elon Musk came in the loose outfit on stage and looked as though he would just sit with his buddies at a lunch break. He began with a presentation on global warming and spoke of “toxic” that does not emit electric cars provide, directly at least not -. Certainly a dig at the VW-nitrogen oxide scandal

Then he described the long road of the brand from the Roadster on the luxury sedan Model S to the Model X. Typical Tesla: the negative side hided Musk prefer from – mean that the US consumer organization consumer Report its buy recommendation for the Model S had actually withdrawn because the car but then more teething had than feared. However, the loyalty of Tesla fans could not really shake, especially Tesla with good customer service and online updates gradually turned off most of the problems.

Tesla makes everything else

Not only the drive of the car is different than the competition, and the way how the Californians bring their cars to the people. “Tesla’s business model implies that the buyer co-fund with payments, the development of the vehicle,” says Stephanie Brinley from analyst firm IHS Automotive. The electric car builders must now consolidate both its sales and its service network but. Just there fighting the mark against ossified structures in some US States because it sells cars directly and is not really dependent on a classic Händernetz.

Not only the Tesla fans, even with some analysts the excitement is already large. The car had “the potential to expand the overall market for electric cars dramatically,” exulted the investment bank Goldman Sachs shortly before the premiere. The Swiss Credit Suisse calculates already with 100 000. Pre-orders for the “Model 3,” not before 2017 goes into production – hence the number of Tesla owners would suddenly almost doubled, so the news agency dpa

<. h2> from 32,000 Euro

Because instead of prices over $ 100,000 is the “Model 3″ 35,000 dollars (about 32 000 euros) have to have – before withdrawal of state benefits. Thus Tesla would even beat the hitherto closest competitors Chevrolet Bolt EV made by Opel’s parent General Motors, which is expected to cost $ 37,000 nominal well. The standard delivery Use in the US is approximately $ 7500th The range per charge is more than 300 kilometers. However: The top versions of the model 3 with a higher battery capacity and all-wheel drive are considerably more expensive

Video:. Tesla Model S in the test

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