Thursday, March 31, 2016

Google CEO Sundar Pichai – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Google’s chief Sundar Pichai is in a remarkable position: He is one of the most powerful and best-paid CEOs in Silicon Valley – and yet so unknown that he can walk undisturbed for one of the leading trade fairs of the tech industry

“Buzzfeed. “Google has important man here observed in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:” throughout the morning he is walking around with a reversed nametag, had fun, has anonymous looked new gadgets “. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or Amazon boss Jeff Bezos could the unlikely – although Pichai had now arrived in their sphere of influence.

Also the content, the Indian-born engineer does not need to hide in the Google tip: In his first year he has pocketed a salary package of $ 100 million, as the financial news agency “Bloomberg” reported, citing documents that Google chart show in the SEC has filed. Pichais content is relatively thin: he scored accordingly cash $ 652,500, the rest (99.8 million dollars) attributable to shares; this would, however, only in 2017 due.

Pichai leads Google only since the large group restructuring in August 2015 as the search engine company created the Holding Alphabet as superior authority. He had previously Google’s mobile business is responsible and has long been regarded as the right hand of co-founder Larry Page. In February, Google Pichai had pledged a total of 199 million dollars to stocks that fall to him, the longer he has been with the company

Overall, Pichai dispose over “vested shares” shares -. So papers he only can sell if he worked for a specified period of time for his company – totaling 635 million dollars, reports Bloomberg. . His “unvested stock options”, so the options that are already available to him, puts the agency at $ 11.6 million

Pichai seem like the perfect chef for Google, writes “Buzzfeed”: The company put in its dominant position “somewhere between corporate NSA and a modern East India company”. While Pichais predecessor Eric Schmidt and Larry Page would have looked anemic and unempathisch,

The strong man at Google would whisper about the current boss at Google that he every night of 2015 to bed have his children even want to bring. Dates from relatively humble background: Until he was twelve years old, the family had from the southern Indian Tamil Nadu no phone. At the elite university Stanford managed the son of an engineer with a grant, the cost of the plane ticket (converted $ 1,000) would have exceeded the annual income of his family: “My parents have much sacrificed and education always had priority,” Pichai said.

At Google, he started on 1 April 2004 – his proposal, the group may yet develop its own browser, was after the success of Chrome to its ticket to the executive suite. Three years ago he took over the responsibility for the world’s leading smartphone operating system Android, in autumn 2014 and the supervision of Google’s entire online business (apart from the video portal Youtube). Since the major renovation in August 2015, it is sitting officially on the executive chair of Google (only) money machine.

For “Buzzfeed” is Pichai a “kind of boring the-best-for-the-business-man”. “Business Insider” but noted that tedium was a key element of effective leaders. Because to be boring, means to be emotionally mature – so stable and conscientious. Who was foreseeable and responsibly, tend to work most effectively.


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