Thursday, March 31, 2016

German train: Train drivers threaten long delays at central ICE line – ZEIT ONLINE

Train travelers have to adapt to congestion on the major ICE route between Hanover and Kassel. On the stretch of the German Railways have a “comprehensive redevelopment” of the ballast superstructure, lying on the sleepers and rails, scheduled for late April / early May, said the Federal Railway Authority, the regulatory body for railway operation in Germany.

open is whether the distance range for April 23 to May 8 is completely blocked. The first had the Süddeutsche Zeitung ( SZ ) reported long-distance transport, citing an internal paper of the web division DB. A railway spokesman said in Berlin, the company wanted to make it clear “soon” come what restrictions on travelers. “We sit down at the moment to address it, as we resolve the need for remediation,” said the spokesman

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the railway division passenger replied to a user in the short message service Twitter, the complete lock is one of several variations. It is conceivable, for example, that the route is blocked only on certain days. On the web site is already indicated in ticket bookings on significant travel time extensions and diversions.

The group had already announced for the route area Hannover-Kassel in February track work with temporary total closures, but only for the summer. Now obviously problems are added to the ballast. He allow for high-speed trains at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius no safe ride more, the radio hr-iNFO, citing responsible.

The route between Hanover and Kassel one of the main north-south connections in the country, but is almost 30 years old. Anyone traveling from Munich to Hamburg or Frankfurt and Berlin, often uses the connection between Hannover and Kassel.

Traveler threaten diversions and extended travel times. The passenger association Pro Bahn was surprised by the message. “Basically construction was announced on a Part. What we do not understand as customers Association, is that here en détail announced very shortly,” said Karl-Peter Naumann, the honorary president of Pro Bahn. He was not used to from other construction projects. Naumann expects that travelers need to plan for about one hour driving time.

affected by the closure are also guests of Hannover Messe, which are arriving from the south by train to Hannover. The industrial exhibition will be held between 25 and 29 April. “It is the north-south connection is extremely important for our visitors,” said a spokesman for the Hanover Fair. Many foreign visitors and exhibitors traveling over the air traffic hub Frankfurt and then take the train. “In addition, many major equipment manufacturers are coming from the south of Germany,” the spokesman said. The exhibition wants to first wait and see how the announced restrictions are the specific impact.

beginning of February, the web had announced that on the section from Almstedt to Norten-Hardenberg (between Hildesheim and Göttingen) from mid-July to early September for points and tracks to be renewed. The German Railways had then presented the largest modernization program in its history. It includes a total investment of 28 billion euros in renovation and maintenance of the rail network by the year 2019. The number of projects is expected to increase this year from 500 to 850 projects.


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