Tuesday, March 1, 2016

VW CEO Matthias Müller feels unfairly treated by the media – SPIEGEL ONLINE

VW CEO Matthias Müller wanted to regain his trip to the US trust – and playful with a single radio interview more of it. From a disgrace earlier this year there was talk, a public relations disaster.

This looks Müller obviously quite different. “The trip was really successful,” Mueller said before the start of the Geneva Motor Show. He had led constructive discussions with representatives of US authorities.

Although the interview was “most unfortunate”. With the public hindsight but he did not agree. “Detroit was a little way unfair,” Mueller said.

“We do not lie,” the VW boss had said in early January in an interview with the other networks NPR. Volkswagen had merely “misinterpreted” the US law. It sounded as if the exhaust scandal just a technical problem and had nothing to do with company ethics.

caught on the wrong side

This was at a time when the US authorities were to speak anyway not good at VW. The Group cooperating insufficient and talk scandal small, was the accusation

miller own PR people classified the interview a so destructive that the manager repeated the conversation -. After a partial sale, however, already aired.

“We could have avoided it,” Mueller said now. Nevertheless: “As has been shown, that was not fair,” Müller said, referring to the report after the interview with the radio journalists: “He has certainly caught me on the wrong side.” Müller spoke of a “misunderstanding”.

The statement of the radio reporter was, VW is criminal. Because he wanted to stand in front of his colleagues, Mueller said. He had previously also clarified in his speech in Detroit that VW had made a big mistake.


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