Tuesday, March 15, 2016

German Rail wants to close hundreds freight yards – tagesschau.de

The German railway fighting problems in freight transport. According to an internal string list therefore should be eliminated 500 loading points. This could also cost 3,500 jobs. Morning the group of annual figures and details on conversion plans before.

The German train apparently reacts with significant cuts to their problems in freight transport. Almost 500 loading points with customers – around a third of all loading points – are for information of the news agency Reuters in an internal string list of state-owned. The focus of the planned closures are accordingly in northern and eastern Germany. As a consequence, should be eliminated from a total of around 20,000 jobs in Germany in freight transport, according to company sources around 3500th A project group of the web with the participation of McKinsey originally had even taken the loss of up to 5000 points in the eye. When the web first nobody could be reached for comment.

The Reuters report, includes the internal list of the words “omission” 498 loading points, the larger as Bamberg Harbour rich with nearly 200,000 tons of goods to smaller as Ferch-Lienewitz in Brandenburg with 1,000 tonnes.

for years, Deutsche Bahn loses the rail freight market share to private competitors. But still the Group controls two-thirds of the market. The problems in freight transport also make Deutsche Bahn to create a whole. The fiscal balance for 2015 will present tomorrow to CEO Rüdiger Grube. In recent years, was already known by various media reports that can be expected with a loss of more than one billion euros – despite a passenger record in long-distance traffic. However, only the depreciation should add the freight to more than one billion euros.

In the morning already came the board of Deutsche Bahn together to the next steps in the conversion of the Group to advise. Sticky Thread was, besides the question of whether and how parts of the foreign subsidiary DB Arriva and the shipping company DB Schenker will be sold. The board wants to reduce the debt burden and give the company more scope for investment. About results of the meeting in Berlin was initially unknown.


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