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EU Commission – closing borders harm the European economy massively – Sü

  • border controls in the Schengen area would bring Europe’s economy, according to EU Commission a loss of seven to 18 billion euros a year.
  • Simply by workers who are on the border in a traffic jam, incur employers costs between 2.5 and 4.5 billion euros.
  • the European Commission has prepared a plan to make all controls within the Schengen area unnecessarily.
From Alexander Mühlauer , Brussels

It is a sentence that can be heard at the time frequently, not only in Brussels: “just imagine, I was now on the border in a traffic jam.” And suddenly they fall one back on, all those amenities of free travel, which have become so self-evident that they were worth barely mentioning until recently.

This has changed since the beginning of the refugee crisis. Suddenly they are there: the police and customs officials who were believed long gone. More and more EU countries provide the limitless travel, this achievement of European integration into question. They control their national borders. Even now make daily queues. But what happens when again fall the barriers across Europe?

In Brussels, the European Commission warns of the dramatic consequences for the Schengen area. “The reintroduction of border controls would entail enormous economic, political and social cost”, the authority writes in a paper to show how Schengen can be saved. The draft is SZ ago.

refugees Yes, Germany’s coffers need a” Solidarprojekt “

As far as has Gabriel right. But it must not only serve to buy consent to refugee policy.

The border controls would deprive citizens not only the possibility of free travel, but also damage the internal market. The EU Commission expects a burden on the European economy of seven to 18 billion euros per year. This would correspond to a maximum of 0.13 percent of economic output in the Schengen area. This may at first glance not just be a lot, but the consequences for the company would be clearly noticeable

workers in traffic, fewer tourists -. The costs add up

At the greatest and most immediate make border controls transport of goods by road. But not only trucks are there in a traffic jam; also 1.7 million workers who travel daily within the EU borders for work. According to calculations by the authorities in Brussels came to the enterprises which employ these people, costs between 2.5 and 4.5 billion euros. And all because of lost waiting time at the border. Tourism also would suffer. According to the EU Commission far fewer visitors would come to Europe. 13 million overnight stays were characterized lost a billion loss for the European tourism industry.

And then there is of course the administrative costs of at least one billion euros. Anyone who imports border controls, needs more police and customs officers. Certainly would also have one or the other border post (again) be built. That would be probably “additional several billion”, as the EU Commission writes. At their warnings it should not have been, if the Member States should nevertheless decide to introduce long-term permanent border controls. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the Brussels authorities, however, clearly said before: “Whoever kills Schengen, will carry the internal market to the grave in the end.”

refugees economists attack Gabriels Solidarpaket for German

Not only from the Union is strongly criticized the idea of ​​the Minister of economy. Now prescht even Labour Minister Nahles ago with plans for a minimum pension.

By the end of border controls should be lifted

Actually, border controls are provided only at the external borders of the Schengen area. but currently is an exception rule. In emergencies, the checks may six months remain in force. In a threat to the Schengen area may be extended by up to two years. Germany had introduced border controls in November, they were extended in February to mid-May.

The European Commission now has a “roadmap” outlining to make Schengen will be fully functional. First Greece should be helped to secure the EU’s external borders, with the help of Frontex. No later than mid-May to Athens to report on progress. In autumn, the European Border and Coast Guard should be operational. By the end of the year, to be canceled all border controls. At least this is the goal of the European Commission. Now even the EU countries to follow suit


economic programs What the populists have in common

In Europe and America mixing left and right on the political system. Your programs for the economy have surprising parallels.


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