Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Auto: Google robot car caused the first accident – ABC Online

Tuesday, 01.03.2016, 10:07
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The self-driving cars Google was sometimes accused to drive carefully. Now ventured one of them a little forscheren lane change – the result was a collision with a bus

The software of a self-driving cars Google has provoked an accident for the first time.. The robot car wanted change lanes to drive round an obstacle explained Google in the accident report published on Monday.

The Google car first made it more vehicles through and then drove off while approached a bus. In the collision at low speed, there was a fender bender, no one was injured.

Google accepts responsibility for the accident

“In this case we bear clearly some responsibility, because there would be no given collision when our car would not move, “said Google TV station CNBC. The software has been adapted to the accident: The cars would be set stronger now that it is less likely that buses and other large vehicles would transmit it

The Google employees at the wheel of the converted vehicle. the Lexus brand have the maneuver is not stopped, because it was assumed that the time is sufficient or the bus would slow down if necessary, the Internet company said. However, it should come to a collision at low speed. The Google car was about 3 kilometers per hour was fast at the time of the collision and the bus about 20 kilometers per hour. The police was on Monday initially no assessment of the circumstances of the accident before.

Self-driving cars already in minor accidents involved

self-driving cars with Google software drove in more than six years over two million kilometers were there in a dozen minor accidents involved while the software was in control. Mostly they were hit by another car with people driving from behind. Cases in which an error of the software caused the accident, were not previously known. At the same time, the sitting at the wheel of an employee repeatedly reach one if they have the impression that the software was overwhelmed.

In the past, had been criticized repeatedly that Google cars were too cautious on the road and disabled thus partly traffic. One of them was ever waved out by the police, because it was traveling too slowly. Apparently tried Google, the algorithms adapt so that the cars liquid classified into traffic and also assume that other drivers will slow down for them

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