Monday, February 29, 2016

Conflict with the FBI: Apple recorded success in the dispute over iPhone decryption – ABC Online

Tuesday, 01.03.2016, 05:39
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Apple should help the FBI case, the mobile phone of the assassin of San Bernardino to crack. The Group defends itself. A US court has now ruled in a similar case in favor of Apple. However, recently, the group was ready to talk

In the dispute over the deciphering of iPhones, the US group Apple has posted a success. A New York judge ruled on Monday that the authorities with the instruction to Apple to unlock a cell phone exceeded its powers. In the event it comes to the iPhone with an alleged drug dealer. In a separate case, Apple defends against an array, the smartphone an assassin for the FBI to crack.

The Judge James Orenstein explained in the 50-page ruling that the authorities on the legal basis for the statement Apple commands. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the FBI had turned the judiciary to force Apple to unlock a 2014 confiscated a suspicious iPhones Crystal-dealer. They relied on the All Writs Act, a law from the 18th century.

In the other case, Apple opposes been strictly a judicial warrant, FBI to help in deciphering the iPhone by Sayed Farook. . Farook had early December with his wife shot 14 people in an Islamist attack in San Bernardino before the couple was killed by police in a shootout

Most recently, Apple was ready to talk: The decision on whether the US- Group must crack the smartphone an assassin for the FBI, “to be taken by you as representatives of the people, and not from an arrangement that is based on a 220-year-old statute,” it says in a statement-note from Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell for a scheduled for Tuesday Parliament hearing.

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