Sunday, February 28, 2016

‘BamS’: VW would sooner can check the exhaust affair – ABC Online

Sunday, 02.28.2016, 11:42
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In the exhaust affair at Volkswagen there is according to a report of “Bild am Sonntag” new evidence that VW did not immediately inform the public after the case became public.

the former CEO Martin Winterkorn has already am September 4, 2015 out of the tampering, but informed about it in public until September 22, the newspaper reported on Sunday, citing a letter from a Volkswagen manager to Winterkorn. A VW spokesman said this on request. “We do not comment on ongoing investigations”

Price-sensitive information must actually always be published immediately, so it provides the Securities Trading Act. Already in October but had stated in consolidated districts, the VW board sees itself facing the threat of high claims for damages by shareholders relieved by a legal opinion. The board had the markets not too late informed. It was “unreasonable, if not commanded” was that the board had first the facts in the interest of the Group internally want to clarify.

Manipulation with illegal software

In the of the ” bild am Sonntag “aforementioned letter had reported on a meeting with the California Air Resources Board CARB day before the manager. At the meeting on September 3, 2015 would have the manager – as already known – admitted that VW manipulated the exhaust emissions of diesel vehicles for years with an illegal software. Volkswagen had announced its intention to submit a report to the working of the scandal in April

In the video. “Mistakes of a few”: Here apologized VW CEO Martin Winterkorn

After exhaust scandal – “error of a few”: here apologized VW CEO Martin Winterkorn


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