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The Germans have less thirst for beer – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



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After boozy football Summer Party last year, the German brewers the subsequent hangover has caught. In the first half 2015, they brought more than a million hectoliters of alcoholic varieties less among the beer drinkers. The total amount of 46.9 million hectoliters a decrease of 2.1 percent, the Federal Statistical Office reported on Friday.


Especially in the inland people had less thirsty for beer and Co. The taxed amount of beer was above average by 2.7 per cent to 38.6 million hectoliters. This could only be partly offset by increased exports, as well as in the EU weakened the paragraph with a minus of 4.7 percent significantly. After overseas exports rose, however, by 11.2 percent to around 3.3 million hectoliters.


The German Brewers’ Association makes weather differences of as the main reason for the poor mid-term review in 2015. 2014 had been an exceptional year, says chief executive Holger Eichele. “Have contributed to the positive result in 2014, a relatively short winter and the good weather in spring and early summer and the good sales during the Football World Cup.” All that was missing in 2015, so that you can hope for a sunny summer and a mild autumn.


But not all vendors have the same cat gets difficult. In the international business, especially the Bavarian breweries are successful with their tradition beers. From the southern province came in the first half of 2015. A round back third of the Export beers – followed by Lower Saxony / Bremen, where especially the Beck’s brewery AB Inbev-stands for the overseas business. Domestically, however, continue to dominate the Brewers from North Rhine-Westphalia.


According to an analysis of the journal “Inside-drinks” has managed with Krombacher a brand from the Sauerland region, despite a slight drop in sales (-0.3 percent), to become the most popular beer in Germany. The heavily advertised brand was the duration competitors Bitburger and Veltins behind and could also the longtime leader Oettinger displace first time since 2004 to second place.


The largest sales losses of 7.7 percent among the top ten had to accept the Warsteiner brewery, which is ailing for some time and had clearly lost in the boom year of 2014 against the trend. A round-quarters of its sales lost the traditional Hamburg brand Holsten. Strong growth, however, recorded according to the journal, the largest German brewer Radeberger Group with its East German brands.


see their future among other brewers in non-alcoholic beers. In the past year they have around 6.3 million hectoliters sold them -. About 50 percent more than in 2010


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Disappointing, however, business was with the popular, especially among young people beer mixtures. Here, the control statistics recorded in the first half of 2015, an above-average decline by 14.6 percent to just 1.92 million hectoliters. The much described trend towards craft-based “Craft beers” remained in the crowd without major consequences.



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The Germans have less thirst for beer

The business of German breweries running in 2015 so far sluggish. After the exceptional 2014 they must recruit against the dwindling Bierdurst again. In this case, move the market shares.

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