Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lufthansa pilots strike from wide – affecting thousands – Reuters Germany

Lufthansa pilots strike from wide – affecting thousands – Reuters Germany


Frankfurt (Reuters) – The new strike by Lufthansa pilots crossed the travel plans of thousands of passengers worldwide.


9000 travelers could not compete because of Ausstands as planned their flight, a Lufthansa spokeswoman said on Tuesday. The pilots on strike for eight clock in the morning the first flights of Lufthansa’s Frankfurt hub. Because of the strike, which is scheduled to last 15 hours, falling from 25 of the planned 57 intercontinental, inter alia, to Los Angeles and Dallas. An approach in the wage dispute, in which the pilots want to save their generous compared to the industry early retirement scheme before the austerity of the top management is not in sight. “There is no conversation level,” said Markus Wahl, Chairman of the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit to Reuters. “If Lufthansa does not move, there will be further strike action.”


The largest German airport prevailed after the strike began dense crowds. Groups were faced with the large scoreboard in Terminal 1 and examined their flights. The chaos failed to materialize. To minimize the impact of the labor dispute, constitutes Lufthansa among other manager with a pilot’s license in the cockpit. “We have succeeded, every other flight to get in the air,” said the airline spokesperson. Nevertheless, the damage to the airline would be great. To keep passengers in the United States or China to date, CEO Carsten Spohr has provided a video message to the Internet. (Here)


This aircraft and crews not stranded overseas, Lufthansa began on Monday afternoon to cancel routes. Since compounds are canceled for Wednesday, falling at Lufthansa from a total of 50 long-haul flights. That is painful, because the tradition flights to intercontinental flights well deserved – as opposed to routes within Germany and Europe.



conflict escalates


The 5400 pilot of the crane airline insist on maintaining their in-house early retirement. The Lufthansa announced the collective agreement late last year. In addition, the pilots fight against the expansion of low cost supply of airline. An assignment of the dispute is a long way off. Even in the most recent round of negotiations, the tariff of Lufthansa have not changed, cockpit executive said election. “We will fight the labor dispute in the long term.” According to Lufthansa, the talks broke down because the cockpit had demanded a signature-seasoned offer, instead of going into the negotiations.


The Lufthansa is frequently hit by strikes than any other company, since powerful professional groups such as the pilots have formed their own unions. The latter strike now for the fourth time within a half months – in April they had even three days stopped work. Prior to about the ground staff or the Safe forces had gone in walkout at Frankfurt Airport. The federal government is pushing a new law ahead to put the power of small unions boundaries.


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