Tuesday, September 30, 2014

eBay is built around radically – PayPal comes to the stock market in 2015 – Reuters Germany

eBay is built around radically – PayPal comes to the stock market in 2015 – Reuters Germany


– of Supantha Mukherjee


Bangalore (Reuters) – eBay bows to pressure from investors and splits his rapidly growing payment service PayPal now but from.


PayPal will floated as a separate company in the second half of 2015, the American online retailer said on Tuesday. The Group’s management has come to the conclusion that eBay and PayPal are each alone in a better position, said chief executive John Donahoe. He succeeds surprisingly, the argumentation of the influential investor Carl Icahn.


In the stock market, the step was redeemed eBay share prices were up more than six percent to $ 56.05. The eBay trading activity could now be more attractive for acquisitions, it said in a brief report by investment bank Piper Jaffray. Finally, the Chinese Amazon Alibaba counterpart was gone in New York on the stock market. With $ 25 billion it collected so much money as a date no other company and now wants to expand in America.


eBay CEO Donahoe admitted in conversation with the “New York Times” to follow Icahn’s recommendations. However, this is not the result of pressure, but a detailed strategic review. They have led to the conclusion that the advantages to lead eBay and PayPal under one roof, schwindeten. PayPal is stronger than ever in competition with Google. Even Apple pushes into the area and should soon settle financial transactions.





Icahn, who owns nearly 2.5 percent of eBay, had repeated and usual loud strongly made for the splitting. eBay and PayPal could be separated in total worth more and grow stronger, he argues. The turnover in the trading areas of eBay climbed in the past four quarters by ten percent to $ 9.9 billion. In the PayPal Plus in the same period was 19 percent to $ 7.2 billion.


In the spring had rejected the suggestion and initially prevailed against Icahn eBay. The well-known for its aggressive financial management shareholder pulled back in April not only its call PayPal to split off from the group, but also to bring two confidante to the Board. Icahn lies down again and again with companies – most recently about Apple and Dell – to to get short term benefits to shareholders, in the form of special dividends. Continued …


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