Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FDP politician: Ex-Health Minister Daniel Bahr goes to the Alliance – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

FDP politician: Ex-Health Minister Daniel Bahr goes to the Alliance – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



                          Former Health Minister Daniel Bahr


The former Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr has a new job: On November 1, he starts at Allianz Private Health Insurance to. There, the FDP politicians and health expert will initially be responsible as General Manager for the topics performance management and sales coordination center. “After a training period” and if the financial BaFin agrees to move up in the board of thirty-seven. This was announced by the company on Monday in Munich.


Philip Krohn Author:. Philipp Krohn, born in 1977, editor in business

After the FDP was flown out of the Bundestag in the general election in 2013, Bahr had retired from politics and was idle for a time with gone his family to America, where he worked as a health policy advisor for a think tank in Washington. He had started in the youth organization of the FDP His meteoric political career, in 2002 she led Bahr in the Bundestag and in 2010 to the post of FDP chairman in North Rhine-Westphalia. Half a year later he was then Minister of Health – because his predecessors Philipp Rösler as the new FDP leader would rather run the business section. Already in his economics degree he had chosen the international health as a priority.


The private health insurers was the Liberals as a guarantee for the existence of their business model. For not only by the Social Democrats, but also in the Union parties to this has been increasingly in recent years in question. In return, Bahr also showed as partners in the industry and developed in his ministry the concept of a government-sponsored supplemental insurance.


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After the Riester pension, this product was the beginning of last year, the second insurance product that is named after a minister. The “care-Bahr” is currently selling but still sluggish. A number of providers has not taken him to the program because it hard constraints are established. The output from the then Federal Government target of 1.5 million policies in the first year was clearly missed.


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FDP politician

Ex-Health Minister Daniel Bahr goes to the Alliance

From Henrike Rossbach and Philip Krohn

The former Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr has a new job: He switches to insurance company Allianz – and there should also move up to the board.

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