Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tchibo wants to isolate themselves from Nespresso – Südwestpresse

with a great marketing impact Tchibo has launched its new capsule system Qbo at the start. The Hamburg want to increase their share of the growing market for coffee capsule vigorously


Christian Ulmen compete against George Clooney. At least, when it comes to coffee. The German actor opened on Tuesday evening with the former Environment Minister Klaus Töpfer and the Design and Internet expert Gesche Joost first “Qbo Store” of the coffee producer Tchibo in the Hackescher Markt in Berlin.

Behind the name hides a be offers and some new technologies – new coffee machine in the upper price segment of processed capsules. Thus the Hamburg want to put the former leader Nespresso on the fur especially. It is no coincidence that Tchibo is attacking the competition on the market for coffee capsule. “The sales of coffee has increased over the past year,” says coffee expert Michael Griess from the market research firm Nielsen. “Especially coffee capsules were able to score with a sales growth of 12 percent.” In every fifth German household is already a machine that needs capsules.

The four systems Nespresso, Cafissimo, Tassimo and Dolce Gusto occupy around 20 percent of the capsule market. But in 2015 about 2 billion coffee capsules were sold – three times as many as five years earlier. Sales of capsules were approximately 620 million EUR through all distribution channels, which is more than four times as five years ago

Nevertheless:. Consumers have their coffee prefer a simple filter coffee, which of a market share having almost three-quarters. But coffee capsules are the growth segment – besides unground beans for fully automatic coffee and espresso machines. “While the market for pads since 2014 hardly grew, sets the capsule market continued to be stormy double-digit growth,” it says at Tchibo.

capsules are for manufacturers highly lucrative. Judging by the amount they do not even account for 10 percent of the market, measured by the value of the share is twice as high. A kilo of coffee costs 60 EUR if it is packed in capsules.

Although the competition has pushed the prices of the machines and the capsules, but with such a system can earn still easier money than with pound packages of ground coffee in the supermarket. That would be the Tchibo owners, the Hamburger Billionaire Family Heart, highly welcome. Although the Group earned good money, but much less than before.

In the criticism capsule systems are not only because of the cost to consumers, but also because of the volume of waste. Two billion capsules mean 4,000 tons of garbage, if a capsule weighs two grams. Are the capsules completely or partly made of aluminum, high energy and environmental costs come in the production added.

Only recently about the City of Hamburg had set for their employees coffee capsules to an index of many products that are not urbanized money more should be purchased. The small cube-shaped capsule Qbo other hand, was free of aluminum and can be recycled through the DSD system and the recycling bin.

The actual highlight of the new system but to the connection to a smartphone app to be. There, the customer can adjust the ratio of coffee, milk and foam, save different versions favorite, share, and use them on different Qbo machines. Coffee 4.0, so to speak.


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