Saturday, March 12, 2016

Report shows: Confederation accepts vehicle tax – Thousands German complain … – ABC Online

Saturday, 03.12.2016, 10:06
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Actually, should all are complicated – but now there is chaos: took over the car tax Since the federal government, the problems are piling up. Not only many German complain, also the change of personnel had caused difficulties, as is a report of the Federal Court.

The acquisition of road tax by the Federal Government has led to a media report in recent years to significant problems. “Thousands of citizens” have complained about the new administration of the tax, writes the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, citing a report by the Federal Audit Office. In addition, it had developed for the federal government to a multi-billion dollar loss business to manage the originally located in jurisdiction of countries control since mid-2009.

According to the Court, it had come to chaos, as the federal government 2014, experienced national staff replaced by an own team, the customs. To be in a state of new vehicles have been erroneously classified as vintage and burdened with the flat tax of 191 euros.

Much goes wrong

In many cases had gone wrong the attempt to bring users to their tax to pay by direct debit. Others had the corresponding letter because of poor print quality for a trial of criminals held, spy on their account information.

In the course of the federalism reform is since July 2009, the results of operations and administrative authority for the vehicle tax solely with the federal government. This is an expensive business. Yearly tax notices and reminders to be sent out. Previously, this had made the country.

2.8 billion euros paid more

Each year, the country received nine billion euros pledged by law by the federal government in order to replace the missing tax revenue. But According to the Court, the actual receipts were always below this amount. Thus, the federal government has paid more by 2015 a total of 2.8 billion euros to the country, as if he had taken

cyclists can look forward. This may be the BMW of the future

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