Monday, March 7, 2016

BMW Anniversary: ​​A future car’s 100th birthday –

Munich – at the anniversary celebration, BMW has saved the view in the rear view mirror. Instead, the guests learned how the car company introduces the vehicle of the year 2046th

BMW looks golden future. At the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the company founding CEO Harald Krüger showed the 2000 guests in Munich on Monday a futuristic, bronze to golden vehicle – the “BMW Vision Next 100″. It will drive autonomously and could come within the next 20 or 30 years on the market.

to set our eyes so far forward, was “as exciting difficult, “said BMW chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk. 30 years ago the Internet was a foreign word, cell phones were car phones of ministers and managers. All over China, only 10 000 cars were registered, the foreign trade of the People’s Republic was half as large as that of Belgium. But “if you can imagine something, the first step is already done,” said Hooydonk.

The car of the future become a “digital driver,” added Krüger. The driver can let him have the control – but it does not have. “We want every driver a better driver make,” said Hooydonk.

The art shows him the ideal line and the optimum speed. a digital image of the environment, showing the road in the fog, and a warning of obstacles behind the next curve is displayed on the windscreen. . Contrast, only information that is important at the moment appear on the display – everything else will be hidden

In storage, in stop-and-go traffic or the highway, the driver can make better use of his time and the control over to the computer. In California, the legislature accepted already. In “BMW Vision” works a steering wheel, the seats of the driver and passengers rotate each other obliquely. The driver can work or relax.

The windshield is completely to the display, for example, shows a video image of the person with whom now telephoned by the driver. “So I imagine my future before,” Hooydonk said

Externally, the car of the future on the covered wheels can be seen -. The air resistance is so low that saves energy. Huge double doors facilitate entry. The kidney-shaped grille remains as a trademark, but now includes sensors and cameras.

The other auto companies have adapted to digitization, urbanization and emission-free driving. Together BMW, Audi and Daimler bought the map service Here, allowing autonomous driving with continuous data exchange networked car -. And the manufacturers provides data and ideas for completely new services

VW Digital Chef Johann Jungwirth has just ventured to the Geneva motor Show a similar view. Currently 1.25 million people are killed each year in road traffic – accident cause is usually human error. Digitalization makes driving much safer, so Jungwirth.

The autonomous car will make all the people in the city more pleasant life. When looking for himself a car park in the garage or on the outskirts, there is less traffic for a parking space – and in downtown huge areas would free

Today. limit or terminate cities like Oslo, London or Beijing, the car access with petrol or diesel engine. Whether BMW cars are driven in 30 years of batteries, a fuel cell or otherwise, Kruger left open expressly.

By i3 sold since 2013, the Munich a pioneer in electric cars. “BMW sets trends,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a video message. But so far only 50 000 units were sold.

The competition mocks. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said last Thursday, Audi had deliberately against “a showcase project decided” and would in 2018 introduced its first E-series car – a, “which is also buyers’

” It’s a marathon, not a sprint, “Kruger said on Monday. “We have repeatedly demonstrated that we are able to learn quickly and boldly move forward.”

The company was on March 7, 1916 in Munich initially been established as a factory for aircraft engines. 1923 BMW built its first motorcycle in 1928 his first car. After the First and the Second World War BMW stood on the brink of 1959 threatened bankruptcy, in the late 1990s was followed by the billion debacle Rover.

Today’s BMW leader in luxury class cars. His strategy for the next ten years will Krüger present next week.

The BMW Vision Next 100


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