Sunday, January 24, 2016

“Under no circumstances eat”: NDR testers found rotten food in … – ABC Online

Sunday, 01.24.2016, 16:18
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Moldy goods in your Shopping Cart? At Rewe, Edeka, Aldi and Lidl which is obviously always possible: NDR tester found in many supermarkets rotten food. Often they lay all day long on the shelf – and has been touted the next day as a daily fresh food

Many supermarkets sell after a media report rotten and moldy goods.. Published on Sunday search of NDR magazine “market” at Rewe, Edeka, Aldi and Lidl found testers in 15 of 17 visited markets in fruit and vegetables which was spoiled and on the requirements of food law should no longer be sold.

According to the report the tainted goods all day was often on the shelves without being dispelled. Even the next day had in some markets, the same is no longer marketable products yet been offered for sale, allegedly “consume Never” as a daily fresh produce.

Verbraucherschuetzer Armin Valet of the Consumer Hamburg said, “consumers are ‘food insecure’ sold, you should consume in any case. A consumption of such products may have additional health risks. “

Also, the expert on food safety Dr. Bianca Brauer criticized that the goods would no longer be marketable. “We have market regulations that the goods are free of mold and damage and must be clean and free of foreign substances.” For some products can not be excluded that mold toxins have developed that can be carcinogenic, and generally should not be consumed.

Supermarkets promise improvement

Rewe announced against “market” to to take in future fruit and vegetables with visible defects immediately from the sale. Edeka explained accordingly, the company wanted to reinforce the daily quality controls in the fruit and vegetable departments. Even Aldi and Lidl wanted to improve their controls on the indication of the test

VIDEO:. This harmless product of Aldi you spying, without you noticing it

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