Sunday, January 24, 2016

After lifting of sanctions: return to the world market: Iran ordered 114 … – ABC Online

Sunday, 01.24.2016, 22:30
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Long had Iran no access to the world market because of extensive economic sanctions. After the elimination of most economic sanctions Tehran orders once 114 aircraft. Hundreds more are to follow

The end of the Iran sanctions gives the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus a major contract. Tehran will order later this week 114 machines from Airbus , the Iranian transport minister Abbas Achundi announced on Sunday. The contract between the airline Iran Air and the Airbus Group will be signed on Wednesday in Paris, the last stop of the first European tour by President Hassan Ruhani.

Overall, his country needs 400 long-haul and 100 short-haul aircraft, Achundi said According to Iranian media. Currently Iran dispose of only 150 ready machines, which are already 20 years in the air on average. What exactly are appointed for types Airbus, remained open on Sunday. The first machines will be already passed in mid-March.

Iran may for the first time aircraft on the world market to buy

The Iranian economy was through the imposed in the wake of the nuclear dispute financial and trade sanctions in a serious crisis fall. A week ago, but the implementation of the closed in July nuclear agreement was announced, prompting most international sanctions were lifted. So Tehran can for the first time to buy new aircraft on the world market.

The sanctions had also hit the civilian airlines in Iran hard. Since they could no longer buy spare parts, many of the machines were considered unsafe. Many planes had completely remain on the ground last. Negotiations with Airbus ran for ten months, Achundi said. Because of the financial sanctions it had, however, been no way to pay for the planes. With the US rival Boeing, with which Airbus dispute the world market leader, there is no prepared contracts Achundi said. The US Treasury Department has been authorized any negotiations.

Iranian market promises huge potential

The Iranian market has enormous potential. The airports would be renovated for 250 million dollars (230 million euros), the minister said. There were currently only nine of 67 airports in operation. In Iran, 79 million people live. The country is also on the route of many intercontinental connections. Over the past ten months, the aviation laid already by ten percent to

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