Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chaos at VW Recall – Federal Authority gives the green light for Amarok – ABC Online

Wednesday , 01.27.2016, 18:42
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In exhaust scandal at Volkswagen has started the largest recall the Group’s history.

The Federal Motor Transport Office gave approval for the conversion of the relevant pick-up trucks of the type Amarok. This VW could start the recall and the conversion of this model, the KBA said in Flensburg on Wednesday. “VW will inform the holders of these vehicles accordingly.” The approvals for other affected models are currently at the Federal Motor Vehicle Office in the examination, as it was called. Overall, VW wants to bring in Germany about 2.4 million vehicles in the garages to rectify this. However,

The official release was on Wednesday an early start of VW preceded. In spite of a missing written KBA approval the launch had already fallen for refitting. Unlike the part of the authorities and the Group confirms for days, was the to for days required software update is already available in the shops.


So received yesterday morning at least Amarok affected the new computer program. A photo-journalist for the Deutsche Presse-Agentur documented in a VW workshop in the Hanover region that the software has been deployed without problems. At least one other Umrüsttermin has already been assigned. And the Amarok Holder obviously have already received all the Post.

The beginning of the conversion confirmed at this time but to dpa-demand initially neither the Federal Office responsible for approving the technical solution nor the VW headquarters in Wolfsburg , Only in the early evening shared the KBA in writing, to have granted approval for the Amarok.

VW spokesman expressed

“In the past few days are the company’s organizational preparations for the recall of the Amarok “was completed, said a VW spokesman on Wednesday night. This also sending customers letters have heard. “In the course of such a complex, comprehensive and cross-brand recall, it may come to be that a few vehicles in the workshops were already” stressed the spokesman of the group.

Volkswagen had tampered with a software exhaust test on diesel vehicles. The KBA had ordered a recall of 2.4 million cars affected in Germany in the workshops. Worldwide, there is about 11 million vehicles. Volkswagen had announced to convert first affected Pick-up trucks of the type Amarok with a 2.0-liter diesel engine.


In the letter to the Amarok customers who present the dpa, says: “This letter is to inform you that the necessary software is available and your vehicle can be reprogrammed now.” In the VW system for traders, in which the dpa insight took, is, the update was “immediately and without delay” aufzuspielen.

The software that you can download for workshops of a VW server is noisy System detail since 25 January ready. A spokesman for the authority responsible for the Amarok consolidated subsidiary Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also said the software stand the dealers already available -. And the beginning of the week, the corresponding notifications were also dispatched to the affected customers

In the letter to the holder is called a service number, may ask questions of the customer. When the hotline it said on Wednesday when asked whether one for now as prompted actually should as a concerned party to the garage or if there were reservations: “Of course we go, you make an appointment, otherwise we would have you not a letter sent. “


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