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The new Air Force One has been appointed – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Exit in the wind: Barack Obama and his wife Michelle left her Air Force One

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing developed the new US presidential plane Air Force One. The US Defense Department has the Airbus competitor now officially commissioned to build. The new jumbo jet type 747-8 are to replace the aging 747 jets, which the president fly around the world since the early 1990s.

The Air Force has two machines of the special needs Chefs are tailored to the White House. However, the word “Air Force One” refers not only to these aircraft, but is the call sign of the aircraft on board which the American president. Part are the older Boeing 757. ‘/ P>

<"image" span class = "Medialink" itemprop = itemscope = "" itemtype = ""> Bo, the  pet dog of US President Barack Obama and his  family, climbs the back stairs of Air Force One at  Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida Follow the President dog Bo in the old Air Force One … Photogallery

The group itself has announced only two weeks ago, a lack of demand 747 to cut production of the Boeing Next – on only six machines a year. So to build a few airplanes, actually deemed not profitable. Then two explanations were traded. One of them was that Boeing still waiting for the “Air Force One” job.

As the Pentagon announced on Friday, Boeing was awarded an initial contract in the amount of 25.8 million dollars (23.8 million Euro). Thus, an enterprise should develop a plan showing how the machines can meet all the requirements in the proposed budget.

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How expensive are the two new aircraft, the ministry has not yet been announced. According to the “Wall Street Journal” was in earlier budget estimates of more than 1.6 billion dollars, the speech. The new machines were equipped with the latest communication technologies, inter alia, and anti-missile devices. Boeing was the only candidate, the paper said. It is already since last year announced that the former Air Force One to be scrapped.

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