Monday, January 25, 2016

“Sham of the Year”: consumers elect Bebe cream for the sham … – ABC Online

Monday, 01.25.2016, 13:01
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The ” Mogelpackung of the Year “is the opinion of consumers with the Bebe Zartcreme. In an online poll of Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg just voted one third of a total of more than 26,000 consumers for the cosmetic product from Johnson & amp; Johnson.

The Bebe cream is their claims to become more expensive by new quantities by up to 84 percent. To vote on the sham of the year were from January 4 to 22 a total of five products – in addition to the Bebe Zartcreme toothpaste Dentagard of Colgate-Palmolive, the finesse ham of the Nestlé brand Herta, the “headstand bottles” of Heinz ketchup and the coffee capsules Jacobs Latte macchiato classico from Jacobs Douwe Egberts. These products had the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg selected from numerous consumer complaints in 2015.

quantities of Bebe Cream

On Monday, the Consumer Association announced the “winners” of the vote. The quantities of Bebe cream there their reportedly after the changeover some major differences with the predecessor products: In three different pack sizes they were from 250 to 150 milliliters, from 75 to 50 milliliters and from 30 to 25 milliliters been reduced.

“Since the can size remained the same in two of the cases, the shrunken content hardly noticed”, criticized the Consumer advocates. The cream has thereby become more expensive by up to 84 percent. The consumer advocates also criticized that the cream in the transition to the new package sizes of was “preservative phenoxyethanol palmed” while the old cream was fully come without preservative.


Even when product Tassimo Latte macchiato classico of Douwe Egberts Jacobs criticized the Verbraucherzentrale a capacity reduction, then contract nor a “quality-dumping”. Instead of real milk the coffee will now “Mogelmilch” mixed. The substitute consists of individual milk components, which will held together with the thickener gum arabic (E414).

In third place, the Heinz Curry Ketchup in “headstand bottle”, the consumer advocates complained a shrunken capacity of 500 to 400 milliliters at slightly elevated price. This hidden price increase amounted to 28 percent

“adaptation” to commercially available packaging sizes

Johnson & amp. Johnson founded the reduction of the quantities at the Bebe Zartcreme told AFP with an ‘adjustment’ to commercially available package sizes. As part of this conversion, the recommended retail price for the package sizes 50 and 150 milliliters were lowered. Only in the 25 milliliter quantity the price has remained the same; while if it were the first price increase for Bebe Zartcreme since 2010.

For the so-called shelf prices in the trade is Johnson & amp; Johnson is not responsible and therefore not of possible price increases by up to 84 percent. The company confirmed that in converting a preservative has been incorporated into the cream in order to “better from microbial burden” to protect.

“sham of the Year” since 2013

The Consumer Advice Centre Hamburg gives the negative award “sham of the Year” since 2013. At the election in 2016 was attended by a total of 26,132 consumers, six times as many as last year.

show The great interest in the vote that “more and more people Preistricksereien the manufacturer annoy” explained Armin Valet from the Consumer Advice Centre Hamburg. Consumers felt out “hoodwinked”. The policy should require producers to publish smaller quantities in advance on a “platform”, he demanded.

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