Tuesday, January 26, 2016

AGM: Siemens stands up to the crises in the world – Augsburger Allgemeine

The Siemens Group has a record order backlog of 114 billion euros. Therefore shareholders will receive a high dividend. Why the group may specify in contrast to Dax. From Stefan steel

Siemens is his last bastion of power and he defends it sent. What had to put everything on beating the shareholders because he stick to his position as Chairman of the Group Gerhard Cromme – despite the fact that the retirement age had long since passed. “Teflon Cromme” it was called. All the more satisfying it must be for the 72-year-old not to be scolded this Tuesday by the Siemens shareholders in Munich’s Olympiahalle again. Cromme has recaptured respect.

The slim, tall man with the rosy face seems to be hardly aged in recent years. He acts as it would say Boris Becker, mentally fresh in your mind. Reigning longest Siemens Supervisory Board has recognized the theme of the day first and prepared it media attention.





As Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser has finished his speech, Cromme smiles this juicy-confident Cromme smiles and says enjoyable: “. I could not leave to look at the market price, it” During the lecture the . CEOs had the share price increased by seven percent, while the DAX suffered a decline of one percent

The Siemens Group sets as opposed to Dax

Cromme has everything by expected: “The eight percent better than the Dax “And because it sends for the elders to radiate wisdom, the Supervisory Boss warns shareholders:”.. Now do not get carried away “An understandable appeal, obtain the shareholders of the Group but for 2015 a dividend of 3.50 compared to 3.30 euros last. This currently corresponds to a yield of more than four percent, which is good for a Dax value. Cromme Demuts appeal may also be appropriate because Siemens – inspired by great figures – has raised the profit forecast for the fiscal year. Kaeser promises to shareholders a net profit per share between six and 6.40 euros. Originally, the important ratio was 5.90 to 6.20 euros.

Such promises love shareholders. Therefore, the Siemens-value against the trend on this day is advancing significantly, as if there were all the economic risks not as if speculators do not expect any trouble from China and from the commodities markets falling through the roof.

Kaeser, despite the Warning Cromme not resist the temptation to give his joy over the share price expression. “Our share has gained 7.8 percent and the Dax last is at zero.” Thus says the 58-year-old from Lower Bavaria, the German stock index is at a standstill. Kaeser shines at the moment of Concentrated self-confidence. He sees the Group on the right course. The Siemens CEO dares after a long and painful conversion time of the company to a lot.

Siemens buys for $ 970 000 000 a US industry software provider, with its products, trends, where planes and cars are exposed , simulate and to analyze. Kaeser, Siemens increasingly becoming a software company, for almost 17500 of 347000 employees working in the field. The Siemens CEO would not be surprised if in ten years twice as many software developers are on the payroll.

Consolidated handlebar Joe Kaeser announced record order backlog

What does the Consolidated handlebar so confidently? Kaeser can build on an industrial record order backlog of 114 billion euros, partly because the businesses that encompass the automation of factories, even with trains and also with medical technology products running shiny. This tastes shareholders, especially when they reported the Siemens boss that the largest contract in company history was recorded: Egypt is in the modernization of the energy system to Siemens. In the coming years, the Germans are there to build the three largest gas-fired power plants in the world and wind farms.

Kaeser has so lucky. With a profit of € 7.4 billion (plus 34 percent) and a six percent increase in sales to 75.6 billion euros, it can be generous. He congratulated the former Siemens CEO Heinrich von Pierer, who will celebrate his 75th birthday on the day of the general meeting. This is a highly political act, finally had the manager to go in the wake of the corruption scandal. From Pierer still has many fans in the company. Kaeser calls in any case: “. Happy Birthday”

From Pierer had served the company and brought it forward, even if in some cases, not everything went as it should have been run. Shareholders are happy hear that the birthday child is mentioned. You donate von Pierer direction Erlangen applause. Even with himself and the world pretty much at peace acting Cromme has not objected

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