Friday, January 22, 2016

Media Report: VW: exhaust investigations indicate many confidants toward – Handelsblatt


VW. Allegedly many managers of gas manipulations have known

(Photo: AP).

New York From the exhaust manipulations at Volkswagen could reportedly more managers and the Wolfsburg Group employees have known, than previously thought. Internal surveys at VW had shown that were with exhaust problems involved executives in the engine development inaugurated or even involved almost all reported “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR, citing its own research. The media report of some sort key witness, is determined against the self. “A long-standing, important employees in engine development has been unpacked in recent months,” it says in an article in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. He is said to have described how it came to manipulations “and to those who have everything known about it”, right up to the boardrooms.

The key witness to 2011, the later VW brand board member Heinz Jakob Neusser on the manipulation of diesel engines have drawn attention. This did not respond. According to Volkswagen are affected eleven million diesel vehicles worldwide. The group had admitted to use manipulation software that meet the cars only in laboratory tests, the emission standards.

The report is likely to encounter in the United States with great interest. Investigators drives for some time to the question of who knew about the use of so-called “defeat devices”. Most recently, had the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut, George Jepsen, complained that VW US authorities refusing access to important information on this issue and refer to German data protection law. The more VW employees were dedicated and the higher the rank, the higher can fail, the penalties, the calculation of Americans.

A VW spokesman said, if it were speculation, to which the Company not outer. The Group has announced that it will provide an overview of the state of the results to the General Meeting on April 21.


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