Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Facebooks advertising business is growing rapidly – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

advertising on smartphones can vigorously the tills ringing at Facebook. During the quarter, sales increased year on year by almost 52 percent to 5.84 billion dollars. The profit was more than double the world’s largest online network 1.56 billion dollars. Investors are enthusiastic: The stock shot up after trading by more than twelve percent

Facebook had late last year good 1.59 billion active users worldwide – 46 million more than three months earlier.. Still takes about one billion of them daily on Facebook. Advertising accounts for almost the entire business of Facebook, recently the proportion was 96.5 percent. The importance of revenue from games and other services declined further

Smartphone suggests PC

Here smartphones play a prominent role -. Only around one in ten daily users look for Facebook via a PC. This is also reflected in advertising revenues: 80 percent come from mobile devices

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. the IPO in May 2012, investors were still worried a lot, whether Facebook clearly comes from the PC to smartphones with the change of user. The online network came up with the idea, however, the ads accommodate directly between entries in the news-stream users, instead of the screen. This caused the end for even significantly faster sales growth.

100 million hours video per day

Most recently, Facebook focused on enhanced video content. Meanwhile, the users looked at 100 million hours video per day, Zuckerberg said. He is very interested in the technology for “virtual reality”, can dive using special eyeglasses into digital worlds with the user. Facebook bought for two billion dollars the industry pioneer Oculus, which brings on the market soon its long developed glasses Oculus Rift. Zuckerberg showed once again convinced that virtual reality can change in many areas. But first games would be at the center



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This year, Facebook plans to increase spending, while addressing projects like Oculus by 30 to 40 percent. This year is also developed at Facebook great drone “Aquila” make their first flight. Zuckerberg wants to provide remote regions with Internet with their help. The program “Free Basics”, in which people have free access to popular online services – and including Facebook – get, have now 19 million users

Strong dollar pushes the result

. The short message service WhatsApp stand on the threshold of one billion users, it said. Facebook had paid over 22 billion dollars WhatsApp about two years ago. The network also includes the similar service Facebook Messenger with more than 800 million users. Facebook has thus a very strong position of the service, who replaced the SMS for many people.











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Analysts had expected for the last quarter of the average revenues of almost 5.4 billion dollars, were also assumed lower profits. Here Facebook was like other American companies also slowed down by the strong dollar: Without the unfavorable price development there had been an increase in turnover of 60 percent, it said

Throughout the last year, sales rose by 44 percent to 17.83. billion dollars. The profit increased by over a quarter to 3.69 billion dollars. Facebook increased the number of active monthly users within a year to 200 million. The online network collected cash reserves of 18.4 billion dollars of.


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