Friday, January 22, 2016

Exhaust scandal: Many VW executives were obviously accomplices – ZEIT ONLINE

Almost all with exhaust problems involved executives in the engine development at VW could have known of the exhaust or manipulations were involved. How Süddeutsche Zeitung , NDR and WDR reported, have a witness who was himself involved in the manipulation, testified extensively in internal surveys in the auto giant in recent months. Against the leniency applicant also investigating the Braunschweiger prosecutor. Spokesman for VW and the prosecutor’s office were not immediately reachable.

According to reports, it was no secret in the relevant department of engine development that VW exhaust tests in only by manipulating the pollutant limits for nitrogen oxide officially have to comply. Many employees and managers in the Department were inaugurated.

To see the motives had told the witness and others confessed VW employees that they had seen set in 2006 by the former top management under heavy pressure. This was called upon to present a quick and inexpensive solution for a clean diesel engine for the US market. Rather than admit the board that you can not create these, you have opted for a fraud – a “desperate act”. To protect yourself, have in the department a “vow of silence” reigned. Other areas within the Group should have to know anything, apart from some exceptions.

The VW-tip had always insisted that the manipulations in the engine control only a small group was aware of employees, but not the Management Board and Supervisory Board. VW had leave in response to the exhaust gas scandal several employees.

In September last year the exhaust scandal was made public by the US Environmental Protection Authorities EPA and CARB. Volkswagen had admitted to having tampered with diesel emission levels millions of times by software. In the US, Volkswagen threatens why a multibillion dollar penalty. Attorneys have also filed claims for damages. Worldwide there are around eleven million vehicles have been affected by manipulation, in Europe alone there are 8.5 million.


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