Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tesla: first fatality – Autopilot overlooks white truck in front of sky – THE WORLD

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self-powered Tesla overlooks white truck before cloudy sky

For the first time there has been a death by a self-driving car on the road. The driver drove on autopilot as his Tesla sportscar overlooked a truck. The US traffic supervisory determined.

     For the first time there has been a death by a self-driving car on the road. The driver drove on autopilot as his Tesla sportscar overlooked a truck. The US traffic supervisory determined

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Photo: REUTERS The interior of a Model S in

The US Transportation authority NHTSA has confirmed in an accident with a self-driving car has been a dead the first time in the US. The driver of a Tesla sports car had the “autopilot” system of the vehicle used as he had come in a collision with a truck in Florida killed, the agency said on Thursday. The government now checks whether there have been changes in technology inconsistencies.

The accident occurred after NHTSA information in May, but has only now been officially confirmed. Preliminary investigations indicate loud NHTSA suggests that it came to the accident after a truck at the intersection of highways in the town of Williston was bent before the self-propelled car left. A traffic light there was therefore not on the turn. The Tesla driver of the “Model S” died of his injuries. Williston is located southwest of Gainesville.

Tesla announced on his website, neither the driver nor the sensors of the autopilot would have noticed the tractor. Basic recorded companies that the autopilot did not recognize the white truck against white clouds sky. The accident led to the first known death to more than 200 million kilometers of driving distance to the autopilot system.

Photo: AP Tesla Motors Model S

Tesla emphasized, however, that it is the autopilot system to a new technology in the so-called beta iN QUESTION, which is off by default. Drivers would explicitly requested the use of the program, not to take the hands off the wheel and to retain control and responsibility over the vehicle. According to NHTSA, the preliminary investigation covers about 25,000 Tesla “Model S” model year 2015.

The company of known tech billionaire Elon Musk revealed in an on published Thursday in the company blog entry dismay and to the relatives of the victim sincere condolences.

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