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Record profit in the Christmas quarter: Apple is beyond the scope – n-tv.de NEWS

Record profit in the Christmas quarter: Apple is beyond the scope – n-tv.de NEWS


 Wednesday, January 28, 2015


 The iPhone 6 brought the US economy a quarterly result for the history books: Never before has a single US company has earned within three months so many billions like Apple. To analysts, Apple CEO Cook clear – the next big thing comes in April


These figures representative of the Old Economy green with envy: With its sales success in the past three-month period of the cult group has made California a new record positioned. Thanks to the income from marketing the iPhone 6 – currently the latest model from the landmark Smartphone Series – reached the profit of Apple in the Christmas quarter volume $ 18 billion – so much money has been earned, no US companies in a single quarter , The result exceeds even the turnover some famous heavyweight

Even for those accustomed to success Californians fell to the increase in profit from extremely strong. Compared to the same period last year, the profit increase amounts to about 38 percent. The Christmas quarter, although traditionally the strongest quarter in Apple. This time, however, the Group proceeds 74.5 million iPhones – in numbers are nearly 50 percent more than a year ago. At the time, Apple had brought 51 million of its multi-functional design objects to the market.

Revenue in the end of December completed first quarter grew mainly by the sales success by almost 30 percent to 74.6 billion dollars as Apple after US -Börsenschluss announced. The numbers exceeded analysts’ expectations clearly, the stock pulled after trading at more than 5 percent.

The Apple Watch comes

Parallel to the numbers Apple was another highly anticipated news known The Apple Watch, the first computer clock from Apple is therefore in April on the market. CEO Tim Cook called the exact date for the first time in the conference call in the wake of the latest quarterly results. So far, Apple had only spoken of “early 2015″. On the market has been speculation about a sale starting in March. With the appointment in April of the Cook irritates the possible interpretations of these times from as far as possible.

More about

From the Apple Watch is expected to doing business with computer clocks gives a significant boost. In the still manageable market, especially the Apple rival Samsung has been strong. Optimistic observers measure the Apple Watch at a similar game-changing potential, as well eight years before the alleresten iPhone. Apple legend Steve Jobs had presented the new mobile phone with computer functions in 2007 to the public.

Strong in iPhones, weaker the iPad

The latest sales figures show otherwise, know what industry insiders have long The Christmas season has for years been the best time for Apple. As a rule, the latest Phone model is fresh on the market, and buyers are generous. The smartphone is the most important Apple product and now accounts for more than two-thirds of the business from.

Apple had long locked against the trend toward large screens. Now, the two met models of the iPhone 6 with significantly larger displays than before on a huge pent-up demand. Apple have so many iPhones sold as one could produce, CEO Tim Cook told the CNBC.

The iPad tablet, however, was weak even at Christmas. The sales fell year on year by 18 percent to 21.42 million units. The tablet market experienced after an initially steep growth a hangover. Cook said before, he still believe in the product category. In contrast, the Mac computers were a bright spot. Here, Apple posted a sales increase of 14 percent year on year to around 5.52 million units – while the market continues to shrink

A key element for the record quarter is likely success in China have been.. According to calculations by the market research firm Canalys, the iPhone was there last quarter of the best-selling smartphone. This is remarkable, because in the most favorable market instruments were in demand. China’s share of Apple’s business rose to more than 21 percent.

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