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Best quarter ever – Five Reasons for Apple’s fairytale success – Sü

Best quarter ever – Five Reasons for Apple's fairytale success – Sü

  • Never before has a company earns so much money in a quarter as Apple October to December 2014th
  • The profit amounted to 18 billion US dollars in profit.
  • Especially the business with the iPhone was dazzling, Apple recorded almost 75 million smartphones sold.
  • Responsible for success are five main reasons.

Analysis of Helmut Martin Jung

Nearly 75 million smartphones sold, 18 billion US dollars in profit – never before in economic history has a company earns so much money in a quarter as Apple, not even an energy company. Why is calculated the company from Cupertino, California, so successful, while competitors like former giant Nokia or Motorola pioneer struggle to survive? The five main reasons.

Users have the word

Apple has like no other company developed a sense of what users really want their devices. This sounds easier than it is in practice, and it is especially true when it comes to new skills. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they said faster horses”, once told the auto pioneer Henry Ford

The real desire was so fast advance.. Just like that, the respondents could not imagine. What people do with a smartphone would all like to do and would particularly like work best that no one has seen before as well and reacted as Apple. All that is now known as smartphone, grosso modo is a generic version of this idea presented in 2007.

But Apple consumed not only by this projection. New features such as fingerprint sensor or slow-motion camera to increase the convenience and also fun to make. Although many had feared, revered as a legend co-founder Steve Jobs is no substitute for Apple: That his successor Tim Cook is not an egomaniac like its predecessor, could even prove beneficial. The interesting thing will be particularly important, such as Apple’s first new product category for a long time, the computer clock Apple Watch, with the customers.

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Apple increases its profit to 18 billion dollars. No company has been earning as much money in one quarter. The reason for this is mainly the iPhone with its high profit margins. What is Apple really know what you are criticizing?
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Lifestyle instead of PS-limbers

In the highly ritualized presentations from Apple it is only very rarely about what you would call in the automotive industry PS limbers. Often, Apple is not even known exactly which components plug into its devices, which make as much megahertz here and there Gigabyte possible what customers do so, please contact: use your apps, shoot photos and record videos. This addresses the difficulty of mystification at, attracts the other hand, companies which precisely explore – and so again keep Apple in conversation

It is true the other hand, a common sentiment, which is that. It does not matter how the make, it is important that it works. You want to do what you want to do with a smartphone, and will be able to show it. As long as Apple can generate its customers the feeling of having an iPhone is leave everything at least as good and easy to do as a model of competition, as long as they have a status symbol their value, iPhones continued to be successfully sell.

Designed in California

Apple’s smartphones are among the most expensive on the market an average of $ 687 paid customers last quarter for a new iPhone. They are objects of desire, are considered to be “the real thing”, while competitors are seen as an imitator. But are manufactured mobile phones in the same factories of Foxconn in China, also run the devices of the competition on their production lines.

The cost ie the working conditions differ little, too. Especially Apple became so strong in the criticism has also taken some steps. But the fact remains: iPhones are manufactured to barely more expensive than competing products but sold at much higher prices. Apple also uses many ways to save taxes

Apple Why the iPad does not need

Apple presents record numbers, which is primarily iPhone is selling very well. A device class confronts the concern, however, problems: the iPad. Sales fell by 18 percent. Does the gadget obsolete?

The golden cage

How to get music on an iPhone? You buy them online from the Apple Store, Apple’s iTunes program loads it via a computer to the iPhone or to book space at Apple stores the entire digitized music collection there and attacks over the Internet to it. The memory in the iPhone is too small? Unlucky – Subsequent extension impossible. So rather take equal more memory, many customers think. But this is prohibitively expensive. While memory cards are going to have very low for subsequent insertion, Apple requires more memory in the same size in multiples

All this amounts to the same thing. Apple wants the user the Apple universe so little left as possible and will earn the money in as many extensions. Who follows the will be rewarded with the fact that everything is available comfortably within the golden cage (with the exception of the hopelessly overloaded iTunes software). But all this comes at a price – and is always up

Success Model iPhone 6 Apple pleased about strong plus

The iPhone 6 gives the US company record sales, especially in China.

(Video: Reuters Photo: Getty , Photo: Getty Images)

The quality is

If you already used today almost five years old Android smartphone? Hardly anyone. If it is not already long since broken, it is usually somewhere around useless. It is technically obsolete hopeless. Updates to the operating system? Is not there in years. iPhones that age, however, are still many in use. Not that not even Apple would have problems: for example with the two control knobs or that the glass shattered in front of the screen when the phone falls unfavorable or if it gets wet. But many iPhones hold but by a surprisingly long time. And the latest operating software can nevertheless still on the iPhone 4s from 2011 to import.

Apple can afford it, because the company controls both hardware and software, the competitors must aufhübschen most, what they Google get (Android) or have trouble finding the right strategy for its mobile division (Windows). Especially with their software Apple has not always been a lucky hand. The map service as was so clearly failed to CEO Cook had to call to use the app competitor Google. At the most recent operating system, iOS, put a faulty update even devices lame

Remember:. Even for a four year old iPhone you get still a good price, an equally old Android phone you will, however, hardly going on.

sales boss Ahrendts It is the Topverdienerin at Apple


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