Friday, January 30, 2015

Labor dispute at Deutsche Bahn – ECG waived rail strike – Sü

Labor dispute at Deutsche Bahn – ECG waived rail strike – Sü

  • The threatened strikes in rail transport are averted. Shortly before the expiry of a period the railway had fulfilled an important requirement of the union ECG.
  • In the recent debate focused on progress payments on the outstanding collective bargaining agreement. Railway employees are now getting paid an advance.
  • In a lengthy labor dispute, the German railway negotiated in separate talks with the rival unions EVG and GDL.

strike averted

Deutsche Bahn customers can breathe – the threatened strikes are initially averted. After a turning in the Group’s Railway and Transport union (ECG) stated that it would not initially call for walkouts. The railway said a demand by the union down payment to employees in anticipation of the pending collective agreement on. “We have set ourselves,” said the EDC Chairman Alexander Kirchner.

The union had threatened since Tuesday with strikes and called on the path to progress payments. To this end, the company had set a deadline until Friday afternoon by 16 clock. A few hours before the deadline stated the web, they will pay their workers the required deposit to the collective bargaining agreement.

advance payments to the collective bargaining agreement

Employees in the areas get rail transport and infrastructure now 750 Euro each. For the service sector, whose collective contracts had expired later that there were 300 EUR. Get trainees reported to both 46 percent of the payments for their division.

The demands of the TOE are satisfied with it, Kirchner said a short time later. “The payment discount will be deducted from the collective bargaining agreement and there is no difference in treatment,” he said. Now the train must “promptly” to enter the actual negotiations for a wage increase. Kirchner reiterated its labor union after six percent wage increase, but at least 150 euros a month.

Railway personnel director Ulrich Weber said of industrial action “were and are not the slightest reason”. He argued the way free to speak “in all objectivity” on outstanding issues of “complicated contract talks.”

Complicated negotiations on two fronts

A new appointment of both sides there Deutsche Bahn According to yet. In the lengthy labor dispute, the web negotiated separately with the EDC and competing German train drivers union (GDL), after the three parties could not agree on the modalities for joint calls.

Despite this, the web strives collective agreements at which provide the same for the same occupational groups and Conditions. With the GDL negotiations are continuing on Monday. In the ninth round of negotiations on Wednesday, both sides had signed an agreement concluded in December agreement on a one-off payment. Last year, the GDL had repeatedly struck and some days greatly affected the running of trains. The ECGs, however, has not been invoked to work stoppages.


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