Friday, January 30, 2015

Minimum wage: For truck drivers on transit, the rule is suspended – Daily Mirror

Minimum wage: For truck drivers on transit, the rule is suspended – Daily Mirror

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The minimum wage is exposed to foreign truck drivers in transit until further notice. In some states, there had been protests.

After protests from EU partners, the minimum wage for foreign truckers is exposed to pure transit through Germany for the time being. This is true as a “sign of good neighborliness” pending clarification of European law issues, said Federal Minister of Labour Nahles (SPD) after a conversation with her Polish counterpart Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz in Berlin on Friday. A corresponding EU test procedures should be completed by the summer. Into force the minimum wage provisions, however, remain for trucks work described in Germany and unloaded.

Several EU countries had also criticized bureaucratic requirements and inspection requirements among others.

Nahles want avoid a dispute with other States

Nahles said that had led the enforcement of applicable since January 1, the minimum wage of 8.50 euros per hour on this point strife in neighboring countries. “We do not want the introduction of the minimum wage in Germany is charged through litigation in the district of the Member States.” Transitional therefore controls are exposed for pure transit trips. Foreign Haulage not need to create
records. Nahles emphasized that the federal government considers the rules but with European law.

Polish and Czech companies fear for their competitiveness

On the other hand protest notably Poland and the Czech Republic. Industry associations fear for their business competitiveness. They warned higher costs in the transport sector could drive Polish and Czech companies into bankruptcy. Should control the minimum wage for truck drivers of the German customs, such as checking of documents. Polish Prime Kosiniak-Kamysz called the partial exposure of the minimum wage a “first step in the right direction.” He reiterated that the rules from the perspective of Poland are not compatible with EU law. Nahles announced further talks between the two countries, as a simplification of documentation requirements.

The European Commission should solve the problem

Enabled Also Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Poland had Ewa Kopacz Prime Minister, as the Polish Minister announced. “The solution lies with the European Commission,” Kopacz said in Paris. A spokesman for the EU authorities in Brussels confirmed that the German minimum wage law “in full accordance with the socio-political commitment of the EU Commission” stand. However, it should be applied in accordance with
European law. The suspension sparked the debate on the minimum wage in the country. Union Group Vice Michael Fuchs (CDU) said, must now Nahles “finally take on the bureaucracy concerns of entrepreneurs in our country seriously.” For documentation requirements was quickly rectify. dpa


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