Friday, January 30, 2015

593 billion euros in tax revenue again at record levels – IMAGE

593 billion euros in tax revenue again at record levels – IMAGE

Berlin – Uncle Sam has taken so many taxes last year than ever before. Federal and state governments posted 593 billion euros in 2014 well. This is four percent more than last year!

This is clear from the Monthly Bulletin of the Ministry of Finance. The Treasury benefited from the good employment situation and more private consumption. However, higher corporate profits were reflected in the state coffers down.

The control record plus comes as no surprise. Except for a handful of exceptions have been increasing for decades, the tax revenue from year to year, and thus from record to record.

Traditional revenue-strongest month is December increased by approximately 81.48 billion euros.

income tax, most

► The wage tax revenue increased by six percent to nearly 168 billion euros.

► The assessed income tax amounted to 45.6 billion euros – nearly eight percent more than in 2013.

Conclusion: There is still a good earnings of self-employed, sole traders and partnerships.

► Revenues from large companies by way of corporation climbed in 2014 over the previous year by 2.7 percent to around 20 billion euros.

► The turnover increased by 3.2 percent to well 203 billion euros.

More revenue even in the countries

The countries have taken in the past year more taxes to support the purchase of property and inheritance and gifts cases , Especially in the real estate transfer tax countries Cash recorded at the end again a strong growth. In December alone, we went by almost 29 percent upward throughout the year by more than 11 percent to around 9.4 billion euros.

The inheritance tax, whose revenues belong only to those countries increased Last year, 17.7 percent more strongly than in November estimated at 5.45 billion euros and well.

One reason may have been next larger inheritances also brought forward. Thus, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled in December incentives for firms heirs and tightened some requirements.

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