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GDP data for the fourth quarter: US economic growth disappointed Experts – NEWS

GDP data for the fourth quarter: US economic growth disappointed Experts – NEWS


 Friday, January 30, 2015


 The economy is booming again in the USA. The Americans have more money in your pocket and buy a hardworking. Obama sees already been confirmed. But the good mood is getting a little damper.



The economy in the United States has cooled down surprisingly year-end. In the fourth quarter of 2014, economic growth slowed to an annual rate of 2.6 percent, as the Commerce Department in Washington announced on the basis of preliminary figures. In the third quarter, the economy had grown by five percent. In the run Economists surveyed had expected 3.0 percent. Although the consumption increased so vigorously as since 2006 no longer, but companies decided to postpone their investment

had the consumer due to the low energy prices would more money and bought diligently a -. Consumer spending were fourth quarter as high as for almost eight years no more. However, business investment and exports rose comparatively slight. The background was particularly strong dollar and the weakening global economy.

For the full year, the Ministry was a growth of 2.4 percent known. The largest economy in the world so that section 2014 slightly better than 2013 as the gross domestic product had risen (GDP) in the United States by 2.2 percent. According to a forecast by the International Monetary Fund, the US will remain a global growth engines this year: She even goes out of an increase of 3.6 percent – more than in any other major industrialized country. Germany will be credited only 1.3 percent.

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The White House evaluated the growth figures as confirmation of the policies of President Barack Obama. Whose economic adviser Jason Furman said that the President would boost with an “economic policy for the middle class,” the economy continues. The economic recovery must be “wide with all American families” shared. Because of the robust economy, the US Federal Reserve is expected later this year raise interest rates. Experts predict the summer with this step. Since the end of 2008, the interest rates are close to zero percent.

Even by the government could further stimulate the demand come. Obama wants to relax in his remaining two years in office in the fiscal consolidation over the reins noticeably. At an event with Congressman his Democrats in Philadelphia on Thursday night Obama called an end to the current austerity. In particular, the head of state will force since the spring of 2013, automatic spending cuts to the collar. As stated target US government circles before the speech in Philadelphia an end to the “stupid austerity” from. On Monday, Obama plans to present its draft budget for the financial year starting in autumn 2016.



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