Thursday, January 29, 2015

Now also fall in the prices of Germany – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Now also fall in the prices of Germany – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Refuel in Germany currently so low in a long time.


For the first time since the severe economic crisis in 2009, consumer prices in Germany have fallen on average. The annual inflation rate was minus 0.3 percent in January, said the Federal Statistics Office in Wiesbaden. Finally, the annual rate of inflation was negative in September 2009 with minus 0.2 percent. Compared to the previous month in December fell, consumer prices, according to the statisticians forecast to 1.0 percent.


The price decline in January is mainly due to the fact that consumers of household energy and fuels had to pay nine percent less than a year ago – because the oil price at which also depends on the gas price has halved in the pas t six months. But food cost in January 1.3 percent less than the beginning of 2014. In contrast, more expensive services by 1.2 percent. This net rents rose over the year by 1.3 percent.


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In the European Monetary Union as a whole, prices decreased in December 2014, since the 2009 crisis again. The annual inflation rate at the time minus 0.2 percent. From a real deflation, or falling prices across the board, while consumer spending in anticipation of further price may According to experts, however, not yet spoken. Especially the decline in oil prices is likely to support the economy, predicts, for example, the German Bundesbank.


The European Central Bank aims in the medium term to an inflation rate of just below 2 percent. The actual rate of inflation for the past two years below. For the next two years Experts predict that inflation does not rise appreciably. The euro monetary authorities have recently advertised the ir bond-purchase program that includes government debt-movie also justified by the fact that inflation should not be too low for too long a time.


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For the first time since 2009

Now also fall in Germany prices


Because of the collapse in oil prices has fallen for the first time in five years under zero inflation in Germany. For consumers, this is good news. For non-central bankers in the long run.

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