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Greece election: That is the choice for you in Germany – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Greece election: That is the choice for you in Germany – SPIEGEL ONLINE

. 1 Because your money is at stake

The choice is one way to determine its future debt and social policy. The probable winner Alexis Tsipras of the Left Party SYRIZA (read a portrait). He threatens to exit from the euro zone. If it really comes to Grexit, and pays his debts Greece then not return German tax money would be at risk in the billions.

. 2 Because your money is at stake, even without Grexit

When Alexis Tsipras is honest with himself, he would realize pretty quickly that he in fact has little political room for maneuver. His ultimate threatened weapons – the exit from the euro zone – economic policy would be madness. The Greeks are threatening bankruptcy and hyperinflation .

It is quite possible, therefore, that Tsipras and the others, others less reflected SYRIZA thought leaders pursue a more moderate rate (read five short profiles of the major power broker of the party). But even then, the EU must still forge a rescue plan for the heavily indebted country. The choices are:

  • A haircut , in which a part of the German tax money would directly thrown into Tartarus.
  • another bailout , that does not solve the problems but postponed. . And with them the risk that you will still lose money in the end

You can read more here in the column of our economic experts Henrik Müller :

. 3 Because SYRIZA others could bring any ideas

John Milios, one of the chief strategist of SYRIZA party, went in recent weeks with a daring idea peddled: European Central Bank is to simply take over much of the debt of the continent So would not only saved Greece -. all would have more money to invest, promised Milios. The economy was booming. But

Sounds great is legally and policy-madness . Nevertheless, this highly questionable concept already has prominent supporters, for example, Adair Turner, the former head of the British Financial Services. If SYRIZA wins the election, such ideas could soon get even more fans, in other ailing euro countries.

. 4 Because you should consider investing in gold

Analysts see the parliamentary elections in Greece price driver for the gold price . For an election win of SYRIZA would be a great uncertainty for the euro zone. Maintain investors in uncertain times their money into supposedly secure systems redeploy. One of her all-time favorites is gold – at a SYRIZA victory of the exchange rate should rise.

Does: When you buy quickly Gold , you could probably cash in. But beware: this information is as usual without guarantee.

  gold bar: The Greece-election as an opportunity for investors
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Gold bullion: The Greece-election as an opportunity for investors

. 5 Because the social misery is unbearable

Even if you are not directly involved in this case, no one can want that after the parliamentary election runs politically too much wrong and the social misery Greece further. Already, millions of people are living on the edge or below the poverty line. Did their job, their possessions and sometimes their joy of life lost.

2015 in eight after the great financial crisis, there in the middle of Europe millionfold misery. It’s high time to finish it . Each compassionate man should therefore hope that the next government in Athens is a wise.

A report on how the debt crisis changed the Greek society, here are the current SPIEGEL.

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