Friday, November 28, 2014

The GDL decide next week on new strikes – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The GDL decide next week on new strikes – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Upper locomotive engineer Claus Weselsky is still not satisfied with the offer of the web.


The train drivers’ union GDL and the German railway have again heard this Friday for a new collective bargaining agreement – again with no result. With a collective bargaining agreement in advance was indeed not already been calculated. But now is not certain whether there will be a new trial date or new strikes. The GDL bodies want to discuss about it next week.


Henrike Rossbach author. Henrike Rossbach, born in 1979, business correspondent in Berlin

sticking point remains the question of who the GDL future may conclude collective agreements. Nor is it responsible for the train driver, but in the future they will also GDL-board staff and board members among restaurant employees represented. So far assumes the greater the railway union ECG.


“We have specifically offered for other groups of employees to conclude collective agreements with the GDL,” said railway personnel director Ulrich Weber after the talks, in addition to board staff as well as for on-board caterers and Lokrangierführer. The prerequisite is that there are uniform rules for employees of a professional group at the end. “Now it is time that the GDL finally moves,” Weber said. GDL chief Claus Weselsky showed, however, disillusioned and criticized the exclusion of competing collective agreements bring the offering of the web, the negotiations did not continue.


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The most recent listing of the Group of 20 November lane designated manager Weber again as “very comprehensive” , The web offers’ve made more money, More settings of train drivers -. And, of course, to conclude a collective agreement with the GDL for train


The drivers require 5 percent more money, better shift schedules and a shorter working week for two hours. The question of who they may deal in the future, but superimposed on these classic tariff issues.


For the time between Christmas and New Year, the GDL has already ruled out strikes. A labor dispute would be quite conceivable before Christmas. The EDC is negotiating the next time on 12 December by train, previously do not want to call for strikes them as well.


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ECG boss This man could train driver even get to know

Alexander Kirchner is the head of the TOE, and the other major rail union in addition to the GDL. In many ways he is the antithesis of streikwütigen Claus Weselsky. Today the web is negotiating with him – not excluded surprises More From Kerstin Schwenningen

11/21/2014, 08:53 clock | Economy

web-wage dispute union ECG exacerbated strike threat

After and wage dispute between the railway union ECG Deutsche Bahn is still no progress in negotiations, aggravated ECG boss Kirchner its strike threat. First strikes are possible from 3 December.

23/11/2014, 09:38 clock | Economy



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wage dispute with the web

The GDL will decide next week on new strikes

From Henrike Rossbach, Berlin

The negotiations between trains and train drivers union stuck. Another walkout before Christmas is possible. Sticking point remains a particular topic.

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