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Strike preparations in the sky: Lufthansa aircraft moves – NEWS

Strike preparations in the sky: Lufthansa aircraft moves – NEWS


 Monday 01 December 2014


 In air travel, travelers have to adapt to the next big strike action. At the beginning of the week falling out of hundreds of flights. A valid alternative flight plan is not yet available. Sure is so far only. On the long haul the machine should fly



The German Lufthansa has removed hundreds of flights due to the strike of the pilots. Are affected by corporate fees both domestic and international flights. As of Tuesday night, also long-haul and cargo flights are also covered by the extended strike action.

The planned long-haul flights for Monday but will perform as intended, Lufthansa, despite the upcoming pilot strikes. “The goal is that the machines are positioned on Wednesday morning at the right place and we can drive up the long-haul traffic to strike as soon as possible”, said a Lufthansa spokesman with.

strike began at 12.00 clock

In domestic and European traffic, however, fall out numerous flights. The announced Sunday evening for the publication of a special flight plan was delayed. For more information on the impact of the strike there will be only on Monday at 7.00 clock, the spokesman said.

The pilots’ union Cockpit and fights with the company salaries and retirement for months had, on Sunday a 36- hour Germany-wide walkout announced. The recent Pilotensteik will start on Monday at 12.00 clock. The pilot will first medium and short-haul flights on strike and then their strike from Tuesday morning (3.00 out clock) also extend to long-haul routes and cargo flights.

36 hours emergency

ends to the strike on Tuesday night shortly before midnight at 23.59 clock. “The flights of airlines Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, German Wings, Swiss, Air Dolomiti (…) are not affected by the strike and conducted flight schedule”, said the Lufthansa.

More about

With the strikers in the early hours of Wednesday there would then be on Wednesday morning abroad enough Lufthansa aircraft ready to drive up the long-haul traffic as rapidly as possible can, it was said at Lufthansa. More details on the impact of the strikes will the airline Monday morning post.

air travelers must face the beginning of the week so at considerable obstructions during air travel. Information about Lufthansa flight connection, travelers will find the website of the airline ‘Flight status “.

” passengers whose flights were canceled, can charge on other flights rebook “it says on strike information Lufthansa. “You can check under My reservations about the status of their reservation. There you may also find alternative flights already and can check for this.” Lufthansa passengers who have booked through a tour operator or travel agent, on the other hand asked, “to refer directly to the tour operator / travel agency where the booking was made.”



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