Friday, November 28, 2014

Drivers are “disillusioned” hardened fronts: Threaten Advent new GDL … – ABC Online

Drivers are "disillusioned" hardened fronts: Threaten Advent new GDL … – ABC Online

Friday, 11.28.2014, 18:30
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The negotiations between rail and GDL in danger of being stalled again. While the web has expanded its range, however, is that of the GDL too little. On page shows you the GDL disillusioned. During Advent, further strikes could face.

The Metro advanced in the sixth round of talks in Berlin on Friday, although their offer. GDL chief Claus Weselsky criticized, however, the proposal does not bring the talks continue. The union wants to discuss next week whether to continue the negotiations or re-strike – might also be interested in the Christmas period -. Calls

The GDL wants to achieve, especially alongside more money and a reduced working week that they is allowed to negotiate for its members in the entire train crew, not only for the drivers among them. So far the greater Railway and Transport union (ECG) has negotiated alone collective agreements for the train crew.

“On GDL page was quite disillusioned”

The web has fulfilled relevant requirements of the GDL, said Chief Human Resources Officer Ulrich Weber on Friday: “We have clearly offered to conclude collective agreements for other employee groups.” He cited as examples board restaurateurs, coach and Lokrangierführer. Condition remains, however, that there are substantive uniform conditions for all employees of a professional group. “Now it is time that the GDL finally moves” demanded Weber.

Weselsky criticized the exclusion of competing collective agreements bring the offer no further negotiations. “At the end of the day of negotiations, we are quite sobering to GDL side.” Although

The web offers a new wage agreement, but as the demanded an entirely different quality. “We have more than 12 hours over two days out negotiations and see us at the same place as before,” Weselsky said.

No strikes in Christmas holidays

At a meeting of GDL Main Board and Tariff Commission in the coming week in winter king proposed to be considered a continuation of the negotiations. About strikes he would not speculate Weselsky said. The GDL chief reiterated over the Christmas holidays and New Year there will be no labor disputes.

“I see us in a negotiation and labor dispute break from December 20 until January in,” he said. In a GDL release announced that labor disputes are excluded of 19 December 2014 to 11 January 2015. The GDL members have already six times strike

In Video:. Weselsky premature strikers


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